"How Weed Won the West" VIP Screening at Organica Dispensary

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Medical Marijuana – the next economic tidal wave since the dot.com? Join the cast crew and stars for a free sneak preview screening of the newest film from the creators of Showtime’s “AMERICAN DRUG WAR”. Kevin Booth’s newest film “How Weed Won the West” shows how the California experiment to legalize Marijuana could sweep across the nation.

How Weed Won the West DVD cover

“We are done with the Feds, done with the dirty bankers, and done with all of all the criminal control freaks trying to run our lives” ALEX JONES

On Saturday February 13th at 8:00PM, the new feature length documentary from Sacred Cow Productions, “How Weed Won the West” will be screened at the Organica dispensary in Venice Beach (13456 Washington Blvd.), the site of the LAPD raid from last year as shown in the film.

"How Weed Won the West” is the story of the people who probably would not die if you took their weed away. People who feel it is their right to smoke a dried flower instead of ingesting dangerous pharmaceuticals for medicine, or alcohol and cigarettes to simply catch a buzz.

We have seen many well-made documentaries showing Medical Marijuana as a miracle drug for people who are seriously ill. However, those in opposition to legalizing Marijuana for medical use usually point to the majority of Medical Marijuana users who are not seriously sick or dying as the reason against legalization. "How Weed Won the West" turns this argument upside down by showing just how benign Marijuana use can be, and at the same time illustrating the overwhelmingly positive financial and social benefits of full legalization.

Jeff Joseph's Organica, as seen in the film, is a large dispensary in Venice Beach. DEA agents shot the owner's dog when raiding the dispensary for the second time on August 9th 2009. Being that the story of Organica is featured in “How Weed Won the West”, the free screening is a type of peaceful poetic justice towards the local law enforcement who participated with the DEA in the unlawful raid. According to LA attorney William Kroger from the film, “Jeff Joseph is not only a responsible businessman, but a kind and giving member of the community who is known to take in homeless people." Viewers of previous screening of "How Weed Won the West" are saying that this film might be just what is needed to change peoples perception of the dangers of legalizing Marijuana.

Sacred Cow Productions, headed by Kevin Booth, takes the viewer on a guided journey through the billion-dollar world of California Cannabis production, and ends with the recent LA city council ruling that will attempt to close most of the 1,000 dispensaries. Created as a sequel to Booth's “American Drug War” of cable's Showtime network, “How Weed Won the West” is a much lighter and more humorous romp. The film starts in the heavily guarded fields of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle where the long time growers of “Pineapple Kush” make the transition into the legal world of Medical Marijuana and set a benchmark on creating a brand that has the consistent qualities of any branded product. Pineapple Kush is now available to anyone possessing a legal Medical Marijuana card from their doctor and can even be ordered via the internet at PineappleKush.com. The film also features Texas' most controversial nationally-syndicated radio host, Alex Jones, who admittedly does not smoke pot, but claims the battle to legalize weed is front and center for the Liberty movement and the fight to protect states rights. In the film, Alex is quoted as saying, “We are done with the Feds, done with the dirty bankers, and done with all of all the criminal control freaks trying to run our lives.”

“How Weed Won the West” takes a very critical look at the changes that have taken place since Obama took office and asserts that even though we have come a long way, we still have far to go. The State of California, in a key position to assert its 10th Amendment rights under the Constitution, has pushed the issue to a tipping point. The bankrupt state government hopes to capitalize on the taxation of a legal and prosperous Marijuana trade that could ironically fight off big government and offer a new hope to a society in dire need. Whether you love or loathe marijuana or the drug culture, everyone needs to fight for a more peaceful solution to the dilemma. How can we best manage the reality of drug use and minimize the harm to individuals and society at large? Clearly, 30+ years have proven that the drug war is the wrong approach.

"Kevin Booth’s documentary provides crucial background on the government’s long-standing war against marijuana." - Jonathan Perri, SSDP - Students for Sensible Drug Policy

"It's a gritty and transparent view of an industry that is quickly becoming a part of mainstream culture." - Jason Berry, Klub Kush DVD Magazine

“Texas filmmaker Kevin Booth doesn’t simply infiltrate the Marijuana industry- he becomes a part of it, and takes us on a journey few have ever witnessed” - Brian Stevens, 420 Club of California

"I can't wait to see this film!!" - Jacky Jasper, Hollywood Street King

Filmmaker Kevin Booth is available for interviews and public appearances - info (at) sacredcow (dot) com 323-472-7923


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