Medical Tourism Corporation Helps California Family Save Hundreds of Dollars with Medical & Dental Trip to Costa Rica

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Thanks to Plano, TX Based Medical Tourism Corporation, family from Stockton, California visits Costa Rica for medical & dental care. Peggy Berg and her daughter Debra Berg had their laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery in Costa Rica on the same day in the same hospital by the same surgeon. Peggy's husband Ellis got his dental crowns, dental implants, and dental bridges at the same time.


My front teeth were not pretty at all and I would feel embarrassed when I smiled. I took twice as long as everybody else took to eat. But now it doesn't bother me. I show my teeth when I feel like

Peggy Berg and her daughter Debra had battled with obesity most of their lives. Their weight loss tools were the conventional non-surgical ones: all kinds of diets from Weight Watchers, South East Diet, fruit diet, etc., to hitting the gym. The few pounds lost this way would all come back sooner or later.

Both mother and daughter had developed co-morbidities like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and with Peggy, there was also the problem of knee pain because of her higher BMI.

At the point of giving up, they heard of gastric sleeve from a friend at a birthday party. After much research on the internet, Debra got in touch with Medical Tourism Corporation and hired their services for her and her mom's sleeve gastrectomy in Costa Rica.

"I was looking for something affordable, something 'do'able for us. Medical Tourism Corporation gave us three price quotes: two for Mexico and one for Costa Rica. We chose Costa Rica for weight loss surgery because that looked the best to us. We saved about 40% on the cost of gastric sleeve in the US," Debra says.

Apart from the obvious low cost of bariatric surgery in Costa Rica, the other reason why Peggy chose to go abroad was that she was not eligible for gastric sleeve in the US, owing to her age. The cut-off age for weight loss surgery in the US is 60 and Peggy was already 70 when she decided to go for sleeve resection surgery.

"The people from Medical Tourism Corporation who we were dealing with were very forthcoming with information. I asked them a lot of questions, maybe 30-40 in all, as I had friends and my brother, who is a doctor, sending in questions. But they answered all the questions to my satisfaction," says Debra.

"The Costa Rica hospital was excellent, clean and modern with all the up-to-date equipment. The staff was very courteous, professional, and spoke English. If someone didn't speak English, there would always be an interpreter around."

Peggy and Debra were accommodated in spacious patient rooms that had a sofa-bed for a companion. As they had minimally invasive gastric sleeve surgery, their stay in the hospital was very short: they left the day after surgery.

Eleven months later, Peggy and Debra are now enjoying the fruits of a successful bariatric surgery, with Peggy having lost 55 pounds and Debra 80. Their weight-related problems have improved drastically. Peggy takes very little medication for cholesterol, diabetes, etc., and Debra is pretty much off it.

Debra's dad, Ellis Berg, had accompanied them on their medical trip to Costa Rica. While there, he decided to check out the dental clinic. Impressed by the level of cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica, this ex-US government official got his dental bridges, dental crowns, and dental implants in Costa Rica at a huge discount.

"My front teeth were not pretty at all and I would feel embarrassed when I smiled. I took twice as long as everybody else took to eat. But now it doesn't bother me. I show my teeth when I feel like," Ellis says, baring his perfect teeth.

Ellis had a tooth that had broken off and his US dentist had said that pulling the tooth was the only option. When in Costa Rica, Ellis was delighted that the dental surgeon over there said that the chipped tooth could be fixed with a dental implant and did it for him.

Also, the Costa Rica dentist attached Ellis's old dental bridges, which needed some restoration, to the tooth with the dental implant, making it all a composite part.

His smile has a 100% makeover now with dental crowns for his front teeth.

Thanks to the fact that top dental clinics in Costa Rica have their own lab where their technicians make dental prostheses like dental crowns right there, dental treatment in Costa Rica is expedited to a great degree.

So, not only did Ellis save about 40% on the dental crowns and dental bridges in Costa Rica, but he also had them done in record time.

All in all, this family from California is very satisfied with their cost-saving and high quality medical and dental trip to Costa Rica.


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