Why Do Seniors Dread This One Day of the Year

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Every year millions of seniors hit the Medicare Part D Doughnut Hole. The majority of them hit it on the same day. This day is known as Doughnut Hole Day. Once in the doughnut hole seniors must begin paying the full price of the prescription drugs.

Medicare Doughnut Hole Facts and Secrets

For seniors who take part in the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Fall is a time of year that has taken on a whole new meaning. Not only do the leaves start falling to the ground but seniors start falling into the dreaded Medicare doughnut hole

The Doughnut Hole is a gap in prescription drug coverage in which seniors pay 100% of the cost of their prescription. This gap in coverage is from $2400 to $5451.25 in prescription drug expenditures.

During this gap in prescription drug coverage many seniors struggle to afford their medications. In fact, many seniors are again forced to choose between taking their medications or paying for food and heat.

The Institute For America's Future, in their 2006 report "Falling Into the Doughnut Hole", started calling the day when the average American senior hits the doughnut hole, Doughnut Hole Day. Doughnut Hole Day is the day when the majority of American seniors hit the doughnut hole.

In 2006, Doughnut Hole Day fell on September 22nd. This year, Doughnut Hole Day falls on September 13th, nine days sooner.

Using the Medicare Doughnut Hole prediction tool found at http://www.MedicareDoughnutHole.com it shows that anyone hitting the doughnut hole on September 13th spends approximately $3420 a year on their prescription drug purchases. This tool also shows that anyone hitting the doughnut hole on September 13th will not exit the doughnut hole this year. That means that seniors hitting the doughnut hole on Doughnut Hole Day will have to pay 100% of the cost of their medications for the remainder of the year.

One company, Universal Drugstore, believes that they have the answer to helping seniors cope with the doughnut hole. Universal Drugstore is a licensed Canadian pharmacy service provider.

"By purchasing their medications from Canada while in the doughnut hole, seniors can save an average of 45% off their prescription drug costs", states Jeremy Cockerill, licensed pharmacist with Universal Drugstore.

Cockerill also emphasizes, "Saving is very easy. Anyone can do it. People simply need to visit our website at http://www.UniversalDrugstore.com, or call us at 1-866-456-2456, and compare prescription drug prices. They will see that there are very significant savings that can help them make it through the Doughnut Hole."

Universal Drugstore also has a free report called "Medicare Doughnut Hole Facts and Secrets". Interested individuals can request to receive their free copy of this report by calling toll-free 1-866-363-3222.

By being prepared for the Medicare Doughnut Hole, seniors can receive significant savings and avoid the potential detrimental effects of having to pay full Medicare Drug Plan prices for their medications.


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