MedSurge Advances Introduces the Vybe(TM), the New Standard in Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Equipment: Available Exclusively Through Physicians, New Medical-Grade Technology Builds and Tones Muscle, Delivers Additional Health Benefits

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MedSurge Advances, the nation's largest independent provider of aesthetic medicine products and services to physicians, today announced the introduction of the Vybe(TM), a new standard in medical-grade Whole Body Vibration(TM) (WBV(TM)) equipment available exclusively through physicians.

With current home WBV equipment, many users do not position their bodies on the plates as they should. As a consequence, the vibrations get lost in the bones and joints and other places where they shouldn't be.

    "When it comes to WBV machines, the first thing to understand is that just because you're standing on a vibrating plate, that doesn't mean you're getting any benefit," said Pascal Servell, clinical director for MedSurge Advances. "All vibrations are not the same - you need to have appropriately high frequencies, and you need to have sufficient amplitude, for example.

"Equally important, you must use the machine correctly to get results," Servell said. "With current home WBV equipment, many users do not position their bodies on the plates as they should. As a consequence, the vibrations get lost in the bones and joints and other places where they shouldn't be."

Unlike other WBV technologies on the market, the Vybe is designed specifically for physician-managed commercial venues, such as medical spas and the new category of fitness spas(TM), or "fitspas(TM)," developed by MedSurge Advances. Among its distinctions, the Vybe features an insertable card that can be preprogrammed by a medical professional or trainer to ensure a consistent, customized workout regimen.

Whole Body Vibration and the Vybe

The Vybe utilizes controlled vertical vibrations to stimulate reflexive muscle contractions for improved strength, power and agility. This method of training, increasingly popular among professional athletes in the United States and Europe, is known as Whole Body Vibration.

The principle behind WBV is Newton's law of motion, which states that force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration. Whereas conventional workouts typically apply mass, such as free weights, to improve the body's functional force, the Vybe applies acceleration to the body instead - achieving the benefits of a workout without requiring significant physical exertion.

WBV is grounded in independent scientific research conducted in the United States, Europe and Asia. In a controlled study published in the Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, researchers reported that "strength, and more specifically isometric and isokinetic strength, significantly improved after WBV training. The magnitude of the strength increase in isometric and dynamic strength of the quadriceps... is comparable to the increase that was realized by an equal number of resistance training sessions."

Beyond building and toning muscle, the Vybe offers users additional health benefits. Research has shown that WBV increases bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis in women. The Vybe also has been demonstrated to increase range of motion, enhance circulation, and improve hormonal balance.


The Vybe is available exclusively through U.S. physicians and is a core technology of futureperfect(TM) Total Body Management Centers. Interested physicians are asked to contact Jennifer DeLaughter at 877.804.9460 or by e-mail at Female consumers can learn about the Vybe at the flagship futureperfect Total Body Management Center in the Dallas suburb of Plano, 972.505.2927. To view a video of the Vybe in action, visit

About futureperfect Total Body Management Centers

futureperfect(TM) Total Body Management Centers are a new, technology-driven concept in health and fitness by MedSurge Advances -- an evolution of the medical spa called a fitness spa(TM) or FitSpa(TM).

Utilizing exclusive technologies from Europe and Japan, futureperfect delivers tailored results based on individual goals of fat reduction, body shaping, muscle toning and skin firming and smoothing. futureperfect technologies safely burn fat and tone the body by increasing metabolism, mobilizing fat in the blood, and emulsifying fat. Women experience substantial fitness benefits with only light exertion, because the technologies do much of the work.

futureperfect is a comprehensive system that includes nutrition, a support network and medical supervision. Each futureperfect customized plan is designed with the input and oversight of a medical professional and a registered dietician. Designed for women, futureperfect is a breakthrough for those who have been unable to achieve their body-appearance goals through traditional means. For more information about futureperfect, call 972.505.2927 or visit

About MedSurge Advances

Based in Dallas, MedSurge Advances helps physicians across the United States build and manage their practices in aesthetic medicine, one of the fastest-growing healthcare segments. Since its founding in 2002, MedSurge Advances has provided technology and business resources for hundreds of physicians who have started stand-alone businesses or added aesthetic procedures to their existing practices. For more information, contact MedSurge Advances at 877.804.9460, or visit For more information about futureperfect, visit

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