The New Sex in the City: 30 Year Old Single Men Who Hate Their Jobs

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More than ever before, men in North America are entering their thirties single and unsatisfied at work. Andrew Parkes works to solve these issues by offering career coaching and relationship coaching tailored to men.

A recent survey by the Conference Board indicates that Americans hate their jobs more now than ever in the past 20 years, with fewer than half saying they are satisfied. This is echoed by a survey that more than four out of five U.S. workers do not have their dream jobs. As well, singles represent more than half the population in most major North American cities with places like Vancouver and Montreal at more than 60% according to Statistics Canada.

So what does a thirty something single man in the city do? A former Investment Banker turned Life Coach for Men has the answer.        

'I was tired of hearing men complain about how they could never meet the right woman or how much they hated their job,' says 29 year old Certified Life Coach Andrew Parkes. 'I realized that a lot of the complaining came down to two issues for these guys: negative thinking and poor time management skills.'    

Parkes has written a new report available on his life coaching website called, '8 Steps to Finding (and Keeping) a Girlfriend and a Great Job.' 'The idea is really simple,' he says. 'What if a man could find and keep a girlfriend and a great job using the exact same strategy? For example, a job interview and a first date share many common elements. The key is to use a strategy to properly prepare for both in the exact same way.'

However, Parkes believes that just reading another report is not enough. 'What's missing is the support of a peer, someone to ask these guys the tough questions, push them, and hold them accountable. This is precisely what I do as a Coach. The best part is that I know the right questions to ask because I am in the same demographic as my clients.'

Currently, Parkes does personal coaching for nineteen men, once per week over the phone for thirty minutes. He also has a blog for men called 'New Man' and an online Facebook community designed to bring together men in their twenties and thirties by promoting vulnerability, honesty, and accountability for going after big dreams and goals.

'It's all about providing a man with the right support he needs to think bigger and get better,' he says. 'Men are starting to wake up to the fact that they don't have to do everything on their own. In fact, trying to do everything on their own may be what most holds them back.'


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