Sanyo Shokai New York Launches Fall 2007 Collection on Web

Sanyo Shokai New York launches Fall 2007 Collection of quality rainwear, overcoats and outerwear on the web at

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New York, NY (PRWEB) December 17, 2007

Sanyo Shokai New York is proud to announce the launch of its Fall 2007 collection on the web at

Sanyo Shokai New York was established in 1978 by Sanyo Shokai of Tokyo specifically to target the North American Market. Sanyo Shokai is one of the largest apparel manufacturers in Japan with sales over one billion dollars. Sanyo has a long history dating back to 1943. It was the first company to treat wool gabardine for water repellency. The company takes pride in being an innovative outerwear company, producing contemporary coats and jackets. The implementation of cutting edge technology, in order to continually exceed the needs and expectations of our discerning customers, defines our products from inception to delivery.

Sanyo Coats are engineered with quality as our primary concern. Producing the world's finest coat involves more than 200 different manufacturing operations. A Sanyo coat is a work of art, as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. From the shell fabric to the button sewing, to the fit and finish of the warmer, every aspect of our coats are the focal point for quality, style and durability.

It is the philosophy of the company that the boundaries that once existed between the rainwear and outerwear categories have all but disappeared. Ongoing efforts in researching new materials and environmentally- friendly manufacturing processes are evidenced by the unique features found in our coats today, which serve to elevate the Sanyo brand to a category all its own. Sanyo places great value on integrity, conducting business with our customers as the main focus, which makes the experience of owning a Sanyo coat an incomparable one. Today the Sanyo lines include Sanyo Collection, Sanyo Outerwear and Sanyo Lux Wool Collection. Each brand addresses a specific market, from the new hire to the top executive.