Period Vitamin’s Advanced Formula Might Hold Answers to Women's PMS Symptom Relief

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Period Vitamin has changed the way PMS symptoms are treated. With the success of the first all-natural hormone balancer, Period Vitamin provides women with new option for PMS symptom relief.

PMS Supplement

A New Period Vitamin

Period Vitamin Eliminates PMS While It Strengthens Your Body

After creating a revolutionary new, hormone balancing supplement to prevent PMS symptoms, Period Vitamin now announces the launch of their second formulation of the Period Vitamin to better help relieve PMS symptoms.

With this new launch, Period Vitamin is changing the game again with a more improved formula that is scientifically supported. Herbal remedies are popular and gaining headway on the pharmaceutical companies PMS options.

Period Vitamin was originally designed with the mission to provide all natural PMS relief to women through a supplement that provides holistic options. Period Vitamin is a safe, natural way for women to fight their PMS symptoms through the balance of hormones while still giving women the nutrients they need to be healthy.

PMS symptoms are the number one complaint among patients to gynecologists. Often doctors are unable to provide reasonable solutions and answers. Period pain relief is the one area of research that has stagnated over the years. Period Vitamin wanted to change all that and worked with reputable suppliers in the United States of herbs, vitamins and minerals to provide a holistic choice that is supported by double-blind research studies that prove herbal remedies work for PMS relief.

Period Vitamin is so successful at working because it is formulated to balance the hormone levels in a woman’s body. Fluctuations in hormone levels are what cause PMS. When estrogen and progesterone levels are balances and not fluctuating, PMS is not able to occur. This is why Period Vitamin belongs to a new class of supplements called hormone balancers. Period Vitamin specifically stops the fluctuations in hormone levels.

After success with the first iteration of Period Vitamin, the second formulation is set to hit the market in 2012 to provide women with a better formula to fight PMS symptoms. Period Vitamin has already proven that hormone balancing works to stop PMS symptoms. They are going to find even more success with the second version.

There are many products on the market for PMS relief. Period Vitamin has changed the way the industry views PMS relief by providing a natural alternative supplement. Period Vitamin is free of fillers, preservatives, animal by-products and all unnatural ingredients. By working with reputable suppliers, Period Vitamin can guarantee that their product is 100% natural and safe.

The second version of Period Vitamin has added new herbs like Don Quai and Cramp Bark. They also increased levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These adjustments are proven to help women fight PMS symptoms.

In a double-blind, placebo controlled study conducted by SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare and published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that herbal remedies are effective at fighting the symptoms of PMS from cramping to mood swings. Dr. Bendich identified that 80% of women suffer from PMS symptoms. This study evaluated calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin E, Black Cohosh, Wild Yam, and Dong Quai to find that these particular herbs, minerals and vitamins are effective at reducing the levels of PMS symptoms in women.

By increasing the levels of some of the minerals and herbs in the second formula of Period Vitamin, it is better formulated to target specific symptoms like cramping and depression associated with PMS. By increasing the levels of ingredients in Period Vitamin, the supplement is easier to digest and made their product more nutritionally balanced.

Since Period Vitamin only uses natural ingredient suppliers that have strong reputations and ingredients are double checked for quality, Period Vitamin provides the highest levels of standards for quality and safety. Ingredients for Period Vitamin are evaluated at the supplier level, the raw level, and the final product level to guarantee the best quality possible.

By doing the appropriate research and trials, Period Vitamin was able to develop a successful product to treat PMS for women all month long and get a nutritionally balanced product that helps women sustain high levels of nutrients they need in their systems.
With a mission to “opportunity to have a symptom-free period of the month, every month while building health along the way,” Period Vitamin seems to have hit the mark that is desperately needed in the marketplace.

Period Vitamin found success with their first release and now seeks to improve women’s health even more with a new product adjusted to create even better results. By providing an all natural option to women, they are able to find a niche market that has needed an answer like Period Vitamin for a long time.

There is more information available at While not sold in stores, Period Vitamin is available for sale on the company website with free shipping and a money back guarantee. The only sales of Period Vitamin that are guaranteed by the company are the ones sold on the website.

About Period Vitamin:

Period Vitamin was founded in 2008 by women seeking to better women’s health through all natural PMS relief. They are a web-based business out of Chicago, Illinois.


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