Mentalist Show Enhances Corporate Events

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CBS contributes to the world of entertainment as The Mentalist show on primetime creates a huge buzz and makes the art of Mentalism the hottest trend in corporate events and parties. The Mentalist Show on CBS follows Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) based in Sacramento, California. Simon has a great record for solving serious crimes by using his amazing skills of Mentalism. Mentalism is an art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, use mental acuity, cold reading, hot reading and suggestion to present extra ordinary perception.

Mentalist Ehud Segev reads the mind of superstar Carmen Electra live on NBCs hit TV show "Phenomenon"

Mentalist Ehud Segev reads the mind of superstar Carmen Electra live on NBCs hit TV show "Phenomenon"

The Mentalist Ehud Segev's career wasn't a scripted drama but an actual way of life

Mentalist entertainers throughout the world can't thank CBS enough for their new TV show, making the art of Mentalism such a hot trend.

Mental Analyzing
"When I started performing as a mentalist no one knew what Mentalism is", says world renowned mentalist Ehud Segev who became known with his stage name "The Mentalizer" after people explained his art as Mental Analyzing.
"The media all over the world was blown away by what I was doing but no one knew what to name it. At one point I was given by the press pictures of mayoral candidates, and I used my mentalist intuition and mentalism knowledge of 'reading people' to predict which one of them will win the elections. I was 100 percent right. The media gave me the title 'The Mental Analyzer' which soon shortened to 'The Mentalizer'", Segev explains.
Segev's Mentalist career wasn't a scripted drama but an actual way of life. His appearances in his Mentalist off-Broadway shows in Times Square made him so popular that TV shows around the world started booking him to perform on national television. But the art of the Mentalist was still not quite easy to comprehend.
"Montel Williams invited me to the show", Segev continues, "and he was hosting Sylvia Browne who calls herself a spiritual teacher and psychic. He introduced me and said that my special talent allows me to create mind boggling tricks with my mind. Psychic Sylvia Browne said it's all real although I had no supernatural powers at all. I simply used the Mentalism techniques I developed throughout the years".

Unforgettable Corporate Events
Today, after the show became such a big hit on CBS and almost every 6 year old knows what a mentalist is, the corporate events party planners jumped into the picture. Maybe it was the award for "Favorite New TV Drama" at the 35th People's Choice Awards or Simon Baker's nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his mentalist role at the 2009 Emmy Awards, no body knows. But the truth is that the huge success of the show got people talking and sooner than later people started realizing that Mentalists can become the hit of every corporate event or party.
"First ones to jump in the boat were the magicians," Says mentalist Segev, "who didn't have to work hard in order to transform from being a magician into becoming a mentalist. A small metamorphosis turned their magic tricks into mentalism effects".
This was probably a smart move because the demand in the corporate event field was for a new, more fascinating form of entertainment. A mentalist who performs a 'walk around' or strolling and mingling with the people while blowing them away with some mind effects is a sure hit and makes every corporate event unforgettable.

For more information about the mentalist and the new form of corporate event entertainment visit CBS official website or the Mentalizer official website (see bellow).

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