Go Green and Help the Environment Using a Mesa Arizona Auto Repair Company's New Emissions Testing

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Automobile emissions is a leading factor in polluting the O-zone. Engineers have and continue to invent ways of lowering harmful smog, produced by the internal combustion engine. Automotive Engineering successfully reduces harmful carbon emissions on a daily basis. Protecting our environment from harmful carbon gases will improve air quality.

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Automotive Engineering auto repair in Mesa, AZ.

Automotive Engineering, the leader for auto repair in Mesa, Arizona is developing diagnostic strategies, using exhaust gas analysis. Providing the environment with cleaner air, going green by reducing harmful carbon gases, puts them at the top of the automotive industry.

Emissions repair can be extremely exhausting. A good Technician is one that can diagnose a check engine light, considering that 90% of diagnosing a check engine light is emission related. Automotive Engineering examines harmful exhaust gases using 5 gas analysis to help protect the environment. Lambda, Combustion Efficiency, Carbon Gases, CAT Efficiency and EVAP Emissions are all factors in a depleting O-Zone. Automotive Engineering uses the proper training, and equipment to diagnose all automotive emissions failures, including the following emission gas analysis procedures for mesa auto emissions repair:

-Combustion efficiency checks, and tests. Good automotive engine combustion burns the fuel mixture more complete, which lowers harmful smog, while improving fuel consumption. Carbon Gases pollute the earth's atmosphere and can cause a number of Ozone problems including "Acid Rain." There are three very harmful gases, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Oxides of nitrogen. Automotive Engineering's Auto Repair, thoroughly tests, and corrects these harmful smog gases.

-Carbon monoxide or (CO), this harmful gas will usually be out of range when there is a fuel problem and the vehicle is rich, considering it is a reading of unburned fuel or raw fuel escaping the tailpipe.

-Hydrocarbons or (HC), this gas will be seen usually with an ignition problem. HC is read in parts per million or grams per mile. It is the reading of partially burned fuel escaping the tail pipe. Both of these carbon emission gases can be easily diagnosed, using the correct procedure and checks, including lambda numbers.

-Oxides of Nitrogen or (NOX), A gas that has been known to cause acid rain. NOX basically boils down to Cylinder pressure or temperature. The more pressure or heat in the cylinder the higher the NOX will be. If a cylinder exceeds 2,500 degrees the vehicle will produces excessive NOX. This can be achieved in different ways including the exhaust gas recirculation or (EGR) system.

-Catalytic Converter or (CAT) efficiency, the catalytic converter is the most important emissions component on a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The CAT cleans the carbon emissions to virtually zero when it is 100% efficient.

-Evaporation Emissions or (EVAP), one of the most complicated emission repairs. EVAP emissions pollutes the Ozone 10 times more than a vehicles tailpipe, only due to the (CAT) reducing tailpipe emissions significantly. Evaporation Emissions is actual fuel vapor that is creating carbon gases. Gasoline is a huge carcinogen, which means it causes cancer, and other health issues. The invention of the catalytic converter has significantly reduced tailpipe emissions; therefore EVAP emissions is now the major contributor to carbon gases. Automotive Engineering Auto mechanics in mesa az diagnose and repair harmful emission failures, this is crucial in preserving the environment. Not only will this preserve our Ozone, it will also save money. Automotive repair shops, that are good at diagnosing carbon emission failures, and have a 5 gas analyzer, will typically perform quality work.

Automotive Engineering auto repair is an automobile mechanics shop for all Autos. A trustworthy full-service, preventive maintenance garage, performing excellent, guaranteed, quality car & truck repair. Certified BBB Arizona A+ business, Servicing the Mesa area since 1987. They service & repair all makes and models of import & domestic vehicles. Their facility offers guaranteed, Dealership quality repairing at an affordable price. Automotive Engineering is an independently owned, family operated, advanced auto care facility. Using the latest full automotive diagnostic equipment, training and knowledge to guarantee automobiles are properly repaired, and serviced. Using quality guaranteed replacement parts with ASE-certified auto technicians. Providing quality automobile repair in Mesa, AZ.


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