METAL2METAL Announces Demolition Derby Pay-Per-View Event on May 1, 2010

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Car-smashing event to be broadcast LIVE from Thunderbird Stadium in Bremerton, Washington, USA. Sixty cars and drivers to compete for cash and prizes in contest to determine the "last man standing".

METAL2METAL - Demolition Derby Pay-Per-View Event on May 1, 2010

METAL2METAL - Demolition Derby Pay-Per-View Event on May 1, 2010 - © M2M Productions

Whether you are a rabid demolition derby addict or just a curious, casual viewer, we believe you'll find this an entertaining and enjoyable broadcast.

M2M Productions is proud to announce the availability of "METAL2METAL", a live, pay-per-view event, on May 1, 2010 at 8:00PM EST (5:00PM PST). Viewers will see tricked-out demolition derby cars being deliberately and aggressively smashed into each other until only one car remains. Over sixty (60) cars and drivers are expected to compete with lots of hard-hitting, car-smashing action anticipated during the event.

Brent Woolard, veteran demolition derby announcer and host for "METAL2METAL" says, "It's very exciting to be involved in this demolition derby pay-per-view! I've been a derby enthusiast and announcer for many years and being able to offer this type of experience to derby fans directly in their homes is something that should be very fun and entertaining to all the viewers. We are really looking forward to the derby and expect it to be great!"

"METAL2METAL" will broadcast live from Thunderbird Stadium in Bremerton, Washington, during the first evening of the 2010 Kitsap Destruction Derby Association’s eight event racing season series. "The KDDA has a 40 year history of exciting the fans of Kitsap County," says Kelly Ensor, President of the KDDA. "We're glad we're able to participate and hope to show the world what it's like to derby up here in the Pacific Northwest."

The event is scheduled to be at least four hours and will highlight select combative races, figure eights, rollover competition, tow-behind races and demolition derbies. Drivers and crew interviews will complement a jam-packed viewing experience. Expected participants include ”Crazy” Kelly Ensor (#47), Rich Buhr (#110), Cody "The Rock" Stayrook (#732), Curt "Fubar" Bratcher (#85) and Steven “Sven” Melseth (#42).

The DEMOLITION DERBY LEAGUE will serve as the exclusive, multi-platform distribution partner for "METAL2METAL". "We are proud to be able to offer this unique viewing experience to fans of demolition derbies," says Dudley Disastro, Commissioner of the DEMOLITION DERBY LEAGUE. "Whether you are a rabid demolition derby addict or just a curious, casual viewer, we believe you'll find this an entertaining and enjoyable broadcast. We crash cars ‘cause it’s fun! These types of events are a way for us to share that enjoyment and give back to the entire combative motorsport community."

“METAL2METAL” is a co-production of and the DEMOLITION DERBY LEAGUE. Sponsoring partners for the production include the Kitsap Destruction Derby Association, WestSound Community Television, Thunderbird Stadium, Kitsap County Parks & Recreation Department, DuMedia Lighthouse and the DEMOLITION DERBY NEWS.

For additional information about the "METAL2METAL" event, please visit:

A demolition derby is a competitive, combative motorsport in which drivers deliberately and repeatedly crash motorized vehicles into each other, on a racetrack or in an enclosed area, with the winner being the last vehicle still moving after all others have been disabled. Oftentimes, these events are held at county fairs and festivals as entertainment, with the winner receiving cash, prizes or an awards cup. Variations include figure 8, enduro, banger, roll-over, Siamese, train, and other racing styles with some drivers, over a long career, even reaching icon status. Terms commonly used within the industry include sandbagger, destruction derby, metal mayhem, roll-over, points system and championship.

The DEMOLITION DERBY LEAGUE is a member-based association that serves as the international, organizing body for combative, motorized sports. The membership is composed of drivers, car builders, team owners, crew members, event promoters, track owners, sponsors, media interests, fans and enthusiasts. Through its demolition derbies, figure-8 racing, off-road derbies, banger races, enduro competitions and other hard-hitting events, the League provides opportunities for participants of all interest levels to engage in the world of aggressive driving. More information about the League can be found at

ABOUT DERBYDEMOUSA.COM and its team of media professionals have been involved with live event production for many years, having worked in television, cable, film and video environments. For the 2010 season, the team will film ten (10) motorsports events in the Pacific Northwest USA for distribution via DVDs. Samples of their work are available at

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