New Reviews Website Focusing On Registry Cleaners Aims To Put Your PC In The Right Direction

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The top 5 registry cleaners are reviewed, rated, and ranked with honesty in mind.

In response to the ever growing demand of reliable registry cleaner software, Registry Cleaner Geeks joins the pool of registry cleaning review sites and aims to gather only the top 5 out of the hundreds of registry cleaner products where they are given a review, rating, and ranking. Registry Cleaner Geeks is a new registry cleaner reviews site that puts these 5 products right on the main page to help people decide quickly which one is for them.

The site immediately highlights the importance of registry cleaners by giving a general overview of what they are and how they can save others hundreds of dollars of damage. The general explanation is short enough to put the top 5 registry cleaner products into focus, which is found just below the explanation.

The 5 products are conveniently laid out in a tabular format and sorted according to the rating based on the review made by the webmaster. Each row supplies some adequate information that can let even first time visitors decide immediately what registry cleaner is the best for them.

Instead of showing the box cover of each product like other registry cleaner review websites does, Registry Cleaner Geeks shows off a thumbnail of the program screenshot so users can quickly compare the user interfaces of each.

Each registry cleaner product has three links associated with it - the link to the product's homepage, the link to the Registry Cleaner Geeks review of the product, and a direct download link. The summarized reviews of each product are direct and honest with some products having more preference by the webmaster than the others.

Each of the 5 products listed on the table have a dedicated link to its review page. In each review, products are rated in a 5 star rating system according to performance, usability, and sometimes customer support. These 3 criteria have its own explanations as to why the product deserved rating for that category. Visitors who are looking for a serious registry solution will be delighted to see the product reviews of these registry cleaners. The reviews are quite in-depth and the ratings are honest and based on product tests. Those who liked what they read can download the software right away via links found above and below the review.

"If you are after a computer that does not crash every 5 minutes and you want to get your computer functioning as it was when you first bought it, a Microsoft registry cleaner can do wonders. So follow the advice and reviews on this site. We're here to help."

Registry Cleaner Geeks gives special treatment to their top registry cleaner not only by putting it on the top of their table, but also by placing a skyscraper banner advertisement of the top registry cleaner on the right sidebar which is visible throughout all the pages in the website.

The far right most sidebar contains the 5 products once again and some interesting links to articles pertaining to registry related issues such as eliminating spyware, blocking popups, and computer virus protection. Although the registry repair software work on both Windows XP and Windows Vista, the site categorizes the top 5 list of products by operating system anyway to prepare for any new software taking the review spotlight.

Some very useful articles on registry repair are found on the bottom too with some links cleverly leading to credible sources like Microsoft Support. These articles serve as a great resource even for people who aren't interested in buying or trying any of the 5 products listed there.

Computer users are encouraged to visit Registry Cleaner Geeks if they:

  • …want to find out the latest and best registry cleaning software
  • …want to know if registry scanners are worth the investment
  • …need basic and easy to understand knowledge on how to deal with common registry problems without the need of purchasing any software
  • …want to know if their chosen registry software yields a good rating
  • …want honest opinions with reviews that can cover all 4 corners of the program
  • …want to know the different homepages of each registry cleaning product.

Anyone who falls within those "wants" should immediately check out the Registry Cleaner Geeks homepage at

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