The Bellwether Institute Global 770 Million Citizen Sustainable Living Idea Challenge Seeks to Address Adult and Child Mortality by Engaging Millennial Consumers in China

The Bellwether Institute’s Sustainable Living Idea Challenge seeks Sustainable Supply Chain ideas and solutions focused on the Global Consumer Products Group. Expected supply chain research solutions will focus on Consumer Engagement, Digital Supply Chain, Data Innovation, Supply Chain Performance, Emerging Market Business Growth themes.

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Creating an Environment for Healthy People

We are excited about our millennial consumer engagement in China and US. We expect to identify digital supply chain & business growth solutions that will produce disruptive improvements in the China & US markets, says John Wilkerson, CPSM, Vice President

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 12, 2014

Bellwether Institute, a subsidiary of Bellwether Services, a global supply chain advisory firm focused on the $4 Trillion Global Consumer Products Group (CPG), announces a global consumer engagement project focused on consumer insight and identifying sustainable supply chain improvement ideas and solutions in both emerging and mature markets targeting the long-term improvement of air, water and soil quality. The Bellwether research team predicts Millennials to validate existing Digital Supply Chain, Data Innovation, User-Centric Product Design and other research such as Consumer Engagement, Supply Chain Performance and Emerging Market Business Growth themes.

The 770 Million Citizen Sustainable Idea Living Challenge was born because of two global challenges; the world’s population is projected to reach more than 9 billion citizens by 2020 and natural resources depletion are declining at an alarming rate. The Challenge’s objective is to identify and address environmental and sustainability challenges from a millennial consumer perspective.    

About the Sustainable Living Challenge
The 770 Million Citizen Sustainable Living Idea Challenge is focused on the Consumer Products Group (CPG) Millennial Consumers in four economies; China, Indonesia, Philippines and United States. Entries must be received by August 31, 2014 and only the first 1,000 submissions will be evaluated. Eligible submissions will be synthesized and evaluated by a panel of academic experts from broad disciplines such as addictive manufacturing, business growth, consumer engagement, data analytics, information technology, investor risk, marketing, product design, research development, supply chain performance and user centric design.

The most impactful ideas and solutions will be shared with the appropriate Consumer Product Group (CPG) Company, CPG supply chain partner and other stakeholders. The global 770 Million Citizen Sustainable Living Idea Challenge submission rewards, rules and guidelines are located at

About Bellwether Institute
Bellwether Institute is a global research and advisory firm focused on the consumer experience, reducing supply chain complexity and enabling business growth by connecting the consumer with supply chain planning and operations. Bellwether identifies, predicts and characterizes the threats to business growth in the $4 Trillion Consumer Products Group and their global supply chain partners. We provide consumer and business insight, proprietary research, custom consulting and online communities. Bellwether’s independent fact-based insight works to ensure CPG business success over the near and long term by focusing on “creating an environment for healthy people.”

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Our Focus “Creating an Environment for Healthy People”