Social Media Activists Responds to No Substance “Big Bird” Comments with a “Mitt Is Cool” Facebook Page and Website -

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If something as insignificant as Big Bird can play a role in a presidential debate then the movement “Mitt Is Cool” might have an impact as well.

mitt is cool
Our message is simple, Mitt is Cool…give the dude a chance and we think you’ll like him!

The mitts have come out and a non-campaign affiliated social media group coined as “Mitt Is Cool” have launched a Facebook fan page and website detailing why they think Mitt Romney is the right candidate for the job and deserves some of that “cool factor” that President Obama has basked in for years. The idea spawned from the no substance “Big Bird” comments that arose during the first debate.

The Facebook fan page and website state that “Our message is simple, Mitt is Cool…give the dude a chance and we think you’ll like him.” The campaign is clearly at its infancy but could easily have legs like the now infamous “Bird Bird” Facebook fan page that boast over 8,500 fans as of October 5th. While the “Big Bird” page is but a single image, there has clearly been more thought put into the “Mitt is Cool” campaign and it has the potential to make a real difference in the view of Governor Romney.

The website is clean and simple with a series of messages and ideas that appear to be true about Mitt Romney’s ideas, beliefs and “cool factor.” Most notable are the quotes that claim Governor Romney can say “Massachusetts 3 times fast – Ridiculously Fast” or “Mitt is bipartisan and can fist pump with the democrats”, a notable quote brought back from the MTV hit show “Jersey Shore.” We’re unsure if “the situation” is involved.

Details about the campaign can be seen at or the website can be viewed at

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