Humor-Based Site Hounds Mitt Romney

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Created by Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant, the site gives voters the tools to follow the offshore money on a global treasure map.

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We've given all you people need to know," [about our finances] said Romney’s wife, Ann.

Presumptive 2012 Republican presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney arrived in London yesterday for his first stop on a week-long overseas trip. Many speculate it’s a bid to show he can stand on an international stage with world leaders. “Where’s Mitt’s Money?” a new website designed to engage Americans in the art of uncovering information through a pirate-themed treasure trek, wonders if his trip is inspired by a desire to locate and reunite with an old friend living, say, in a Swiss bank account.

“Where’s Mitt’s Money?” is designed to help poor Mitt find his “missing” millions that fled to foreign tax shelters without his knowledge. Created by Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant, the site, which launches today, gives users tools to get info, connect to social media and blog clues to help voters—and the Romneys—find the location of Mitt’s multimillion-dollar fortune.

The site is intended as a humorous way to highlight the importance of transparency in politics, and specifically, the direct impact that tax shelters have on all Americans. According to a 2011 report from the California Public Interest Research Group, the federal government loses $100 billion every year from money stashed in offshore accounts. This result? An average tax hike of $450 per American taxpayer.

Romney’s hesitancy to release tax records and disclose info on hidden assets is consistently winning fodder for news shows and late-night comedians, who mock his Patrician air.

"We've given all you people need to know," [about our finances] Romney’s wife, Ann, told ABC News in an interview earlier this month, but the public didn’t seem satisfied with her non-answer. “You should really look at where Mitt has led his life, and where he’s been financially.”

“Where’s Mitt’s Money?” allows voters to do so via a virtual “treasure” map, which one can click to view the latest Romney booty rumors and sightings around the globe, from the exotic Cayman Islands to the finest Swiss banks. A blog offers up-to-the-minute updates on financial findings and a Daily Challenge poses thought experiments to put the issue of billionaire tax evasion in perspective with people’s lives. Users can send links and theories that will be added to the map to track the loot.

Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant
“Where’s Mitt’s Money?” is a project by Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant, a Denver LLC dedicated to promoting transparency and fair dealings in government and business. A for-profit venture, Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant devotes its profits to non-profits that promote fairness and transparency.

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