Undefeated UFC Fighter Frank Edgar Finds 'The Answer' to Adding Lean Muscle Mass with Supreme Protein®

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Fresh off another dominant first-round victory, undefeated UFC fighter Frank Edgar pauses to reflect on his hard-won success and to credit his favorite mega-anabolic snack, Supreme Protein® bars, for helping him pack on the lean muscle mass that has helped him surprise opponents with his new-found strength and power.

Back in his college wrestling days, Frank Edgar's teammates called him "The Answer," because that's what he had for anything any opponent could throw at him on the mat. Now, as victory follows victory for the undefeated UFC fighter and he finds himself on the fast track to perhaps a future title bout, Frank Edgar is still finding the answers. Most recently those answers have included packing on as much lean muscle mass as possible onto his 5'6" frame with the help of his new favorite super-anabolic snack, Supreme Protein® Bars.

"I'm always striving to add muscle mass," Edgar says. "At the same time, in Mixed Martial Arts, clearly you need swiftness, reaction time, and quick reflexes to take the fight to your opponent and exploit whatever he gives you. I can't be taking on excess fat. I can't be slowing down. So I have to eat really clean, watch the carbs. Protein quality is important to me; I can't be eating just any generically sourced protein.

"Lately, I've discovered Supreme Protein® bars and they're rock-solid nutrition. They've got just six net carbs per bar, and more importantly, their protein profile is first rate. More high-quality whey isolate than any other bar out there. Plus they're absolutely delicious, they're basically a gourmet snack, which helps a lot. In fact, I eat two or three a day, so I'm never tempted to eat junk when I'm training."

And Edgar is always training. His grueling regimen features two practices a day, consisting of either wrestling, stand-up, Jiu-Jitsu, or MMA. Practices are from two to three hours each, and he usually interchanges extensive cardio or circuit training throughout the week. It's dedication like this that has enabled the up-and-coming UFC contender to push his record to 7-0-0, most recently at the expense of highly decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Mark Bocek, who Edgar bested in a first-round TKO.

"It takes an enormous amount of nutrition to support my training regimen," Edgar says. "I eat throughout the day, at least four meals a day, but I have to supplement aggressively too. That's where Supreme Protein® really makes a difference. Every bar contains 30 grams of premium protein. I'm not a big guy, but I think I really surprise people with my power. Opponents expect speed, they expect tenacity, but my power and strength, I hope, catches them off guard a little bit. That's my training paying off, but also it's my diet. I eat clean and I really max out on the best quality protein sources I can find. Supreme Protein® really helps me there."

In addition, Edgar also augments his four daily meals with ProSource Nytrowhey, a pharmaceutical-quality 100% whey isolate formula, and ProSource Glutamine, the highly popular anti-catabolic amino.

Now, as Edgar awaits his next scheduled UFC match-up, he finds himself closer than ever to his ultimate goal. "I want to make a living at this," he says. " I've seen wrestlers from the East Coast (Edgar hails from Toms River, NJ), guys I patterned myself after, make it big on the UFC circuit. That's what I want for myself. I can't imagine anything better than fighting for a living."

Currently, Edgar is still hedging his bets by working days in his father's plumbing business. If the undefeated UFC fighter's current success is any indicator, however, Edgar's dad is going to be looking for a new crew member pretty soon. Based on his work ethic and determination, and a little help from his ever-present stash of Supreme Protein® bars, "The Answer" is headed for the big time.


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