Training Certifications Offer Edge in Competitive Mobile App Development Market

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MDICD credential top achievement in mobile development certifications.

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Unlike other certifications that require written regurgitation of facts, the MDICD certification is earned only through real world examination.

The substantial growth that we have seen in mobile app development in the past few years is no joke. New tools and techniques are constantly being invented to code for every platform. As with most major growth industries mobile app development does not hold many standards or regulations when it comes to measuring aptitude. As the industry continues to grow at an accelerated rate measuring the aptitude of mobile app developers will become increasingly difficult. One measure that will surely separate the newbies from the industry veterans is a well-respected certification.

That is where MDICD comes in. The Mobile Development Institute Certified Developer title offers those looking for a career in mobile app development a way of proving to future employers that they are knowledgeable in their field. When it comes to an industry as complex as mobile app development a single development certificate just doesn’t cut it. That is why MDICD offers certifications for Apple, Android, and Blackberry operating systems.

As industry veterans know, it pays to have a diverse background when it comes to employment. Coding knowledge of both the Apple iOS and Google Android operating system makes developers more desirable to potential employers. There is no better way to display this knowledge than to be granted a MDICD certificate. The MDICD certificate is recognized nationally as a reputable measure of mobile app development aptitude.

Unlike other certifications that require written regurgitation of facts, the MDICD certification is earned only through real world examination. On top of being a practical exam, the MDICD exam can be taken anywhere including the comfort of the developer’s own home. The test is administrated remotely with a proctor watching their computer screen over the web. Those taking the exam will be asked to perform a series of tasks showing their competence in developing apps for the operating system that is being tested.

The benefits of a mobile app developer certification are endless. Those who pass the test have the ability to put the nationally recognized MDICD logo on all of their business products including letter heads and business cards. Being certified through the MDICD makes mobile app developers more desirable to top companies and can increase revenue. Most of all they get the satisfaction that they are one of an elite few that have accomplished the MDICD certification.

Now is an exciting time for On the GoWARE and developers. The MDICD certification used to be offered only to skilled developers directly, but to meet a growing demand in the industry corporations are now able to purchase bulk exams at a discounted price. This allows businesses to qualify their employees before wasting thousands of dollars on unqualified or under qualified developers. With certifications covering the Apple iOS, Google’s Android OS, and RIM’s Blackberry OS there is not a better qualifying exam available.

As the mobile app development industry begins to grow and mature it is certain that we will start to see standards being set in place. One of these many standards is sure to be one or more nationally recognized certifications. Those that see mobile app development as their lifetime career would be separating themselves from the pack early by receiving a certification. In an exciting and growing (and often confusing) industry such as mobile app development, certifications are more important than ever.

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