Recent ASTRALCOM Partnership Literally Puts Businesses into Customers' Hands

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Location-Based Mobile Economic Development Platform Assists Local Businesses, Residents and Visitors; Builds Business

Geo-Fencing with mobile app Cellflare and ASTRALCOM

ASTRALCOM, LLC (d.b.a. ASTRALCOM Digital Business Solutions) today announced that they had recently launched several local businesses on a cutting-edge business and economic development platform for mobile devices.

"With this new product, we're able to promote individual businesses, specific districts and even entire cities by establishing a virtual perimeter, or geo-fence, around specific destinations. Opted-in users receive announcements, promos and incentives on their smartphones once they cross that virtual perimeter," explained Richard Bergér, VP of E-Business at ASTRALCOM Digital Business Solutions.

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. When the enabled smartphone user crosses a geo-fence, the device receives a notification from the participating business. The geo-fence notice can be an email message, incentive or greeting sent to the participating users' smartphones or email accounts.

Mr. Bergér explains that opted-in customers are only issued one message during the campaign's duration; which is instantly sent to them. "This way," says Mr. Bergér "they aren't spammed and only receive one message during that time period from each business or destination within a virtual perimeter." Because users select the messages they want to receive, they control the types of businesses that correspond with them. "This gives the user total control over their experience," added Mr. Bergér.

It's easy to see the big picture here for businesses, consumers and the local economy: someone driving or walking by an establishment within this geo-fence can instantly receive a unique and personalized message from a local business they opted-in for. Previous to this technology, these potential customers and businesses may never have connected.

"We received immediate interest from several local businesses," stated Mr. Bergér. "Right now, we're soft-launching it with a few local participating businesses, like Delius Restaurant, Smooth's Sports Grille and Walkers BBQ Smoke Pit," said Mr. Bergér.

Using GPS technologies to enable people to connect with each other via smartphones is nothing new, but simultaneously leveraging local destinations through proximity-based messaging is new. ASTRALCOM's unique angle of using the Cellflare platform as a micro-economic development tool is unprecedented because it uses these two geo-technology fundamentals to help connect otherwise disparate elements within a city or district - and to then more effectively make them accessible.

"Economic development is not just a municipal-level concern anymore," explained Mr. Bergér. "This approach provides multiple benefits to users on all sides of the economic development issue; municipalities, businesses and customers," he stated. Mr. Bergér added that by grouping, leveraging and promoting the assets of a local community, a business district or other area, all participants can win. Businesses, residents, visitors and the Cities themselves all benefit from the increased interest and resulting micro-economic activity from a centralized and extensible platform that connects and engages users and provides enduring value.

"There are some far-reaching benefits, and a multitude of applications, that this technology can provide," stated Mr. Bergér, "but the bottom line is that we have a new tool for bringing customers through the door."

The platform also intelligently integrates social networking features which enable users to see and connect with each other in real-time, and to locate each other from their smartphones.

While the Cellflare platform for personal users is free like any other social networking platform, businesses interested in establishing a presence should contact ASTRALCOM to learn more.

Earlier this month, ASTRALCOM and Canadian location-based web services firm Cellflare solidified a strategic partnership designed to provide both companies with market growth benefits while delivering a potentially significant solution for struggling businesses, cities and other destinations. Cellflare's technology allows users to stay visually connected to each other via their mobile devices using GPS and other technologies. Learn more about this geo-fence strategy and other mobile business development solutions from ASTRALCOM @

ASTRALCOM Digital Business Solutions ( is a multiple award-winning digital business solution provider that creates and develops strategic Internet and e-business implementations including web development, e-commerce, search engine marketing, customer relationship, content management, virtual world deployments, mobile applications and all aspects of Internet-related business.

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ASTRALCOM Digital Business Solutions
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