Greystripe Gives Advertisers 110%, Adding Advertising Engagement in Game Experience from Beginning to End : Brands Gain More Options in Grabbing Consumers' Attention with Greystripe's Mobile Engagement Platform™

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Mobile advertisers just got a whole lot closer to their audiences with Greystripe’s announcement today of their new Mobile Engagement Platform™. Due to the overwhelming demand for increased ways to connect brands with consumers in mobile advertising, Greystripe has developed an end-to-end brand experience with their mobile games catalog. As the global leader in ad-supported mobile games, Greystripe currently offers advertisers 100% of the mobile screen at the beginning and end of game play; with their new Mobile Engagement Platform™, advertisers will now have access to a greater depth of sponsorship where users will encounter the brand in instances beyond just those two ad spaces.

Releasing the big brand spend is key to unlocking the potential of mobile advertising

It has become clear that mobile Web banners and text ads are not enough to capture the attention of today's advertising-wary consumers, as these mediums have become synonymous with direct response ad campaigns. However, with Greystripe's Mobile Engagement Platform™, advertisers can take ownership of the users' entire entertainment experience. Through the Platform, advertisers receive:

1)   Web and mobile Web download site sponsorship 2) All of the full screen ad space for every sponsored play 3) A branded in-game on device portal which appears at the start of every game play giving the advertisers permanent presence on the game player's phone. The in-game ODP menu provides:

a. Links to the advertiser's mobile Web site b. Branded wallpapers downloaded directly from the portal c. Clear association with each sponsored play 4) Complete campaign management and reporting metrics Additionally, every Greystripe user is given a number of advertiser-sponsored plays when they download a game; when they run out of plays, they must click to "reconnect" and gain additional plays, giving advertisers yet another opportunity to gain attention for their brand.

"Releasing the big brand spend is key to unlocking the potential of mobile advertising," said Nick Lane, analyst for Informa Telecoms & Media, in a recent article on mobile advertising1.

Through the Mobile Engagement Platform™ advertisers that already have a mobile Web site can also provide their customers a branded download site hosted by Greystripe. This gives advertisers the ability to create permanent stickiness for their mobile site, bringing users back on a regular basis. Game downloads are the highest valued entertainment in mobile, typically costing the mobile game purchaser from $5 to $12 to buy. Brands can now provide these sought-after games to their customers for free in an ad-supported model, while creating a permanent presence on their customer's phone.

"When your audience has become all too proficient at tuning out the advertising messages of at the top of their computer, and now mobile phone screens, there must be another option to create value in mobile advertising," said Vikrant Gandhi, Senior Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "Brands want – and need – more engagement with their mobile audiences. Greystripe has provided that media-centric approach with their Engagement Platform™."

In a recently released Consumer Insights Report, Greystripe revealed current statistics from their proprietary mobile game portal. Advertisers on the Greystripe network already reach an audience that is 75% 18 to 34 years old, 90.2% purchase decision makers and split nearly evenly male and female2. Additionally, Greystripe's advertisers see an average click-through rate of 10.1% worldwide, six times higher than the CTRs for traditional mobile advertising, such as banner ads which currently average around 1.5%. With this already exceptional data, Greystripe is poised to offer advertisers the mobile media experience necessary to captivate consumers and the Mobile Engagement Platform™ will only heighten this success.

"Mobile ad formats are clearly segmented into those effective for brand advertising or those effective for direct response. In-game advertising provides the most value for brands because we pair the brand message with high quality entertainment," said Michael Chang, CEO and Co-founder of Greystripe. "Players are engaged with the brand as the role of sponsor, which creates an atmosphere of goodwill and receptiveness."

Greystripe's Mobile Engagement Platform™ is resold in the UK by Greystripe's partner, personalized advertising firm, Ad Infuse ( For additional information on the Mobile Engagement Platform™, contact

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Greystripe is the world's first and leading ad-supported mobile games and applications distribution platform. Greystripe's AdWRAP product suite enables: brand advertisers to communicate their brand message to a unique mobile audience; publishers to gain advertising revenue by serving ads through their games; and consumers to download high quality games for free. The AdWRAP system is protected by a broad array of patents pending and currently serves ads into more than 800 game titles from 100 publishers supporting over 1,400 handset models. Greystripe reaches millions of mobile game players by powering over 70 AdWRAP Catalog distribution partners and through its online and mobile web portal com ( Greystripe was named an AlwaysOn OnHollywood 100 winner 2008, a Red Herring Global 100 winner in 2007 and the Under the Radar Best in Show: Mobility winner in 2006.

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