90 Day App Challenge Gives Developers Chance to Build Next Mega- App, Fast. The World's First Virtual App Incubator is Accepting Applications for the Fall 2012 Season.

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New Mobile App Entreprenuers (Appreneurs) & Developers get a Leg Up with First Ever Virtual App Incubator that has a dramatically different approach to development.

How We Are Different

We are creating a true win-win solution for anyone that wants to be a successful mobile app entrepreneur. ~James Sol Radina

Mobile Apps have become the new hot entrepreneurial industry, with companies like Instagram (sold for $1 billion) and Path (recently valued at over $250 million). These success stories have inspired thousands of entrepreneurs and amateur developers to pursue the development of their own apps…only to find that these ventures are more difficult, competitive and expensive than they originally expected.

Enter the 90 Day App Challenge, a first-of-its-kind virtual app development incubator that launches August 23rd, 2012. Developers enter the program with an idea for the app, and work through a rigorous development process that focuses on mentorship and provides design and development services. Upon graduation of the program, each developer has a complete app that is live to download in the Apple’s App Store or the Android Market.

The 90 Day App Challenge is founded by mentors Amish Shah and James Sol Radina. They state that the goals for the program are teach new developers what it takes to create a successful app, while keeping costs down and taking the guesswork out of the whole process. “What a lot of new developers who go out on their own unfortunately find out is that they’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars just to get the app built, and they haven’t even done their homework to know if it has a chance to succeed. We’re teaching people how to do things the right way,” says Amish who successfully built the now public Bitzio, Inc., a San Diego based mobile app company.

Developers who graduate also receive a unique partnership opportunity in the form of the 90 Day App Challenge’s App Network. Rather than being forced to go it alone upon completion of the program, each of the 18 developers will become small partners in each other’s apps, acting as advertisers for one another and sharing revenue. This is redefining the way cross promotion app networks are built.

Digital marketing expert James Radina explains the method to this partnership: “Once you’ve built an app, actually getting downloads (and money) is a whole different ball game. Successful app companies have several apps that are used to generate traffic. Most independent developers just don’t have the resources to do something like that—but by partnering all our developers together we have the same effect. When one app succeeds, all the others benefit.”

"Statistics show that 60% of app developers fail and 80% do not earn enough money to make a living. This program was designed to change the game. We want to disrupt the mobile app market by providing app entrepreneurs a system for success," says co-founder Amish Shah.

The 90 Day App Challenge will open enrollment on Monday, August 23rd. You can visit the website today to be the first to hear about all the details http://www.90DayAppChallenge.com or email info(at)90dayappchallenge(dot)com for more information.

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