Mold Remediation Companies Secret Non-Toxic Weapon That Saves Mold Victims 1,000's, Reveals Secret

The mold help site is releasing mold remediation companies secret non-toxic solution to battle mold. The website has been in tight negotiations to reveal its mold kit to the public. Now after several years being only available to select mold remediation companies, is releasing their non-toxic solution to the public and offering a complimentary sample for a limited time.

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mold remediation products

Green Bean Mold Kit

If anyone would like more information on these unique mold remediation products. One may visit the site to claim their complimentary sample of the mold remediation kit.

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) March 07, 2012

Today, announced it will be releasing its mold remediation product to the public. What was once only available to select few mold remediation companies is now publicly available after new negotiations of its licensing agreement. new non-toxic solution to kill mold and prevent the spores from coming back is now available to not only it's select mold companies, but also other mold remediation companies and the public.
The non-toxic mold removal product is comprised of unique ingredients in which breaks apart the mold DNA to give certainty that the mold spore is eliminated. As for mold prevention, has also released in its mold remediation kit their mold prevention product, called Safe Shield. This is non-toxic formula with will prevent mold amplification, creating a clear barrier on surfaces to suffocate mold spores. This process will entrap the spores and prevent any sort of reproduction. claims that this science has saved mold remediation companies thousands in cost, by reducing labor and future worries for their clients.
If anyone would like more information on these unique mold remediation products, they may visit the site to claim their complimentary sample of the mold remediation kit.
Be sure to visit and grab your complimentary sample.