IPHost Network Monitor: To Be Sure You Can Monitor Any System Uptime and Performance

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IPHost Network Monitor is versatile and cost-effective software for uptime and performance monitoring of networks, servers, and different business critical applications and services. IPHost Network Monitor now supports monitors created for Nagios, widespread open source network and server monitoring system so IPHost Network Monitor users can use a wealth of Nagios plug-ins base. IPHost Network Monitor also includes various types of monitors and alerts, including SNMP, WMI, advanced web monitor and SMS alerts. Reporting is detailed and clear.

IPHostMonitor Inc, announced today the availability of new version of IPHost Network Monitor, popular cost-effective network, server and application uptime and performance monitoring software tool specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses with up to several hundred monitored systems and devices.

New version of IPHost Network Monitor introduces a new type of monitors that lets users to create unlimited number of monitoring checks with the help of plug-ins. To implement custom monitor user should create a program or a script that will do the job. The most important that IPHost Network Monitor includes support of Nagios plug-ins so network administrators can be sure that they can implement virtually any monitoring system they need using our software. You can use the wealth of Nagios plug-ins, more than 1500 are currently available, some useful plug-ins can be found on our site.

IPHost Network Monitor has now native support for monitoring Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Server databases in addition to monitoring databases using ODBC. New version automatically creates daily backup of monitoring database so if the file is corrupted our software do automatic restore. New notification methods added: Play Sound alert, alerts that are sent to your ICQ or AOL instant messenger, or messengers based on Jabber protocol (Google Talk and more).

IPHost Network Monitor has some advantages over other network and server monitoring tools for SMBs. For example, website monitoring includes support of HTTPS, POST requests, connection via proxy, several authentication methods (including NTLM) and response validation, whereas even some of the high-priced tools do not even support HTTPS, not to mention authentication. The IPHost Network Monitor capabilities include:

  •     Quick discovery of IP-based network services on devices in your network and automatic start of monitoring. It helps you to start monitoring in a few minutes and to complete monitoring configuration in a matter of hours not days thus saving administrator time.
  •     Availability and performance monitoring of different web, e-mail, database and other servers. The list of supported protocols includes HTTP, FTP, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, ODBC and others.
  •     Decent support of two main network and server monitoring and management technologies: WMI monitoring for Windows-centric environment and SNMP monitoring for Unix/Linux/Mac networks and network equipment. The SNMP browser with support of MIB import allows easy selection of SNMP variables to monitor.
  •     Two usable user interfaces: a Windows interface for managing monitoring configuration and review of basic reports and graphs, and a Web interface that shows various reports and graphs for in-depth analysis of the monitoring results. With just one quick look, the administrator or business owner can get an overview of the status of systems and applications in their network from any web-enabled device. The tree views that group monitors (by host, by monitor type, by current monitor state, favorite monitors) make it easy to locate a problem or navigate through reports. You can group hosts by customer or location, or use any other grouping you need. Alerts and regular reports (daily, weekly, monthly) can also be linked to host groups.
  •     A developed alerting system with e-mail, SMS, audible and instant messengers notifications. In order to reduce downtime support for automation of recovery actions can be implemented.

Pricing and Availability

IPHost Network Monitor is designed for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Server 2003/2008. The 30-day trial version with the full set of features limited to 20 monitors can be downloaded at http://www.iphostmonitor.com/iphostmonitor.exe . The program is priced at USD $250 per license including one year of maintenance. Free technical support is provided by e-mail.

Publisher & Editorial Information:

IT reviewers are encouraged to use this press release and any other related materials. We will be pleased to grant you a free registration key. If you do not consider electronically distributed software, please e-mail us with the details of your postal address and we will send you a jewel case. Cover media editors are authorized to include the 30-day trial version of IPHost Network Monitor 2.1 in their CD/DVD-ROMs.

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