A Couple Thousand More Calories, Please

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Over the last 20 years, the calorie count of most foods has nearly doubled, mostly due to larger portion sizes. Along with them, the American waistline has also grown. However there is an option out there to let people have their dessert and eat it too.

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In addition, the amount of meat recommended as part of a healthful meal is 3-4 ounces—and it will look to be the same size as a deck of cards.

Pass the double-stack hamburger with extra cheese and bacon, two large fries, and a 64-ounce half gallon of soda please. Can I also see the dessert menu? This is quickly becoming the norm among adults, and sadly we are starting to see this among children. Is it no surprise that obesity is quickly becoming the number one disease in America? According to The National Center for Health Statistics, “more than one-third of adults, or over 72 million people were obese in 2005-2006.” Fortunately a new product called Arctic Zero gives Americans what they want in terms of portion size, but without the calorie and waistline increase. Arctic Zero is a frozen dessert product that boasts 136 calories for the entire pint and is made with 20 grams of high quality whey protein concentrate. This is a step in the right direction against the obesity epidemic that owes its plight to empty and high calorie foods.

According to the American Cancer Society, here are a list of things people can do to decrease the amount of food consumed when one is eating out at a restaurant.

  •     Share an entrée with a friend when you go to a restaurant.
  •     Order the small soda. It has about 150 fewer calories than the large one.
  •     Ask for half your meal to be packed for you and eat it for lunch the next day.
  •     Have the small fries instead of the super-sized and save about 300 calories.

“In addition, the amount of meat recommended as part of a healthful meal is 3-4 ounces—and it will look to be the same size as a deck of cards.”

For obvious health reasons eating correct portion sizes as well as making good food choices is paramount. Whey protein concentrate, like that found in Arctic Zero frozen dessert, plays a key role in making a positive influence on one’s diet. According to the Whey Protein Institute, studies show that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can add years to one’s life and help prevent weight related complications, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Whey protein contains essential amino acids required in the daily diet and is also rich in leucine to help preserve lean muscle tissue and promote fat loss. While Americans will continue their love-affair with food and portions regardless of the health risks, at least now they have a healthy option for their portion fix while adding some much needed nutrition in the way of Arctic Zero.

Arctic Zero, Inc. is a Temecula, California-based business that specializes in low calorie and nutritious frozen dessert products.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Arctic Zero or visit http://www.MyArcticZero.com for further contact and location information.

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