Investing in Mortgage Notes Produces a Low Risk Investment in Today's Financial Marketplace By Implementing a New Investment Strategy via SAM

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Summerlin Asset Management explains the benefits of investing in Mortgage Notes whether it be a 1st Trust Deed or 2nd Trust Deed by using their unique new financial strategy.

Investing in Mortgage Notes

Investing in Mortgage Notes

Todays market has created a tremendous opportunity to buy discounted mortgage notes that yield double digit returns.

When someone purchases a piece of real estate and holds it for cash flow they get, in theory, exponential returns. As long as the tenant pays them rent, they keep making money. If they decide to sell the property their returns end, but they get a nice lump sum of money on the back end of the deal. If they hold onto the property forever there is no number to quantify the returns as they are infinite. Yet investors who have owned many properties will claim that the return they receive year over year varies due to vacancy, maintenance, repairs, and changing economic conditions. Still though, rental properties are a preferred means of return for many investors because they enjoy the benefit of not having a set end on their return. However, the owner must pay property taxes and manage the property.

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On the other side of the investing spectrum is the mortgage note investor. The note investor does all of their work up front. They crunch the numbers, analyze the underlying property and make sure the return meets their investing expectations. The note investor knows with some level of certainty that the monthly amount they are due to receive is not going to vary much. Note investors do not have to worry as much about vacancy, maintenance, repairs or changing economic conditions. According to Pete Pakes the Chief Operations Officer at Summerlin Asset Management “todays market has created a tremendous opportunity to buy discounted mortgage notes that yield double digit returns." Summerlin Asset Management, with corporate offices in Arizona and California is one of the industry’s largest bulk wholesale purchasers of mortgage notes.

Pakes went on to say; “In reality, it is passive wealth building. It’s taking the power of the monthly payment stream you receive and putting it back to work for you so you can start compounding your returns”. By compounding returns the investor opens the door for more investments and opportunities, and they avoid running out of gas, so to speak. Real estate note investors do not have the luxury of deciding whether or not they want the investment to go on forever. Each of the investments has a term limit. Once that term limit is paid off, the investment is over. SAM says to remember to always build up enough payments to be prepared to make the second investment. If the investor does that, they avoid diminishing their returns and they are on their way to building exponential wealth.

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Summerlin Asset Management, also known as SAM, is a private real estate 1st trust deed and mortgage note investment company offering a variety of discounted Trust Deed Investment opportunities. They serve clients that are seeking to build a conservative portfolio of passive-income investments secured by real property.

Investment Philosophy - Summerlin seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through investments in collateralized first position mortgages. Their management team executes this strategy by combining sophisticated valuation analysis, pricing discipline, and professional mortgage workout solutions that benefit the borrower and Summerlin.

SAM's clients receive the opportunity to invest in high-yielding investments that are well-secured by valuable real estate and other assets. Summerlin Asset Management knows that preservation of capital is paramount. Therefore, they employ an intelligent and disciplined approach to due diligence and risk management when making mortgage note acquisitions. At Summerlin, they service each transaction for their investors and are dedicated to complete operational transparency. They also provide free investor education related to the types of investments that they pursue. All 1st trust deed mortgage note purchases are designed to produce double-digit returns and place priority on the safety of their investors’ principal with title to the real estate note held directly in their investors name.

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