Why is eBay Motors so Popular with Auto Enthusiasts and Collectors?

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Now people can locate hard to find muscle cars, classic cars, antique cars and project vehicles fast using MotorMapUSA.com, the mappified view of eBay Motors -- a Google map + eBay Mashup that displays all car and truck locations on a map.

If people want to buy a new car they go to their local dealer. But, if people want to locate a hard to find car or truck, as close as possible to their home, they go to eBay via http://www.MotorMapUSA.com.

Scarcity is the reason buyers turn to eBay.

Ordinary vehicles are readily available locally, but to locate a specific rare auto by make and model people need to look further afield. In fact, they really need a map to find what they are looking for faster. If locating a special rare auto was as simple a going to a local used car lot and driving one home it would not be very rare and also not very much fun. But discovering the same car, after weeks of searching, just a few miles down the road or even hundreds of miles away is much more fun because of the thrill of the chase.

The location of a special car is the missing piece of critical information that is necessary before a buyer can seriously consider the purchase. Where an auto is located can significantly affect the buyer’s final delivered cost. All things being equal, a buyer will opt to purchase a car as close to their home as possible. Thus they will save both time and money.

Locating this type of special vehicle on a map is the specialty of http://www.MotorMapUSA.com, an eBay Affiliate. eBay Motors specializes in unique, rare and hard to find cars and MotorMapUSA.com specializes in locating those cars for serious automotive enthusiasts, collectors and re-builders and displaying all the vehicles for sale on a map.

The map makes the difference.

With a map as a guide, people can easily start their search of eBay Motors close to home and widen it as required. Locating a car on a map also instantly reveals all sorts of additional information to expert buyers. Seeing the location of an auto on the map enables people to visualize it and makes it more real. It is no longer just an entry in eBay’s giant data base but it actually exists and you know where it is located.

Every experienced auto buyer understands that Southern cars and trucks potentially have less salt-induced rust. They also know that luxury autos are found mostly in affluent locations.

Every auto fan dreams of locating their favorite old low mileage vehicle in the veritable “barn” in some out of the way rural location. Amazingly, it still happens almost every day, but you have to be vigilant to locate these opportunities. Odds are that a favorite collectible auto won’t be found in your locality but miles away and probably in another state. Thus, most eBay buyers cross state lines more than half the time to make their purchases, so a map showing the location is critical to the serious auto collector.

The closer the vehicle, the cheaper the deal. It’s easier to drive 25 miles to inspect a potential purchase than to fly 600 miles and stay overnight. The cost of inspecting and transporting the vehicle home is also a consideration. Vehicle inspection, travel, and transportation expenses are in addition to the purchase price and in some cases, can increase the final delivered cost significantly.

If you are a serious auto collector or just hunting for the body of a new rat rod, you can find it faster on http://www.MotorMapUSA.com.

MotorMapUSA.com -- The new fun way to eBay.


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