Victim of Texting While Driving Accident Shares Account of Recovery

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Says Physical Therapists at Mountain River Physical Therapy are Miracle Workers

Until I started physical therapy at MRPT, I never thought I would walk or function normally again

When Melanie Evans arrived at the Leesport Mountain River Physical Therapy clinic more than one year ago, she had very little hope of ever leading a normal life again. Last summer, Melanie’s life nearly ended when a young motorist texting while driving, dropped his cell phone, swerved off the road, and plowed into Melanie traveling at a speed of just under 40 miles per hour. According to, the ambulance arrived to a grim scene. The force of the impact had ripped Melanie’s shoes off her feet and her skull was exposed. She had suffered catastrophic injuries including; a broken neck, eight broken ribs, a collapsed lung, three pelvic breaks, and compound fractures in both legs. The Emergency Medical Team at the scene was able to stabilize Melanie and quickly transported her to Reading Hospital. There, she was taken to the trauma unit and placed on life support until her bleeding was under control. After several surgeries, four weeks in the hospital, and eight weeks in a nursing home, Melanie was finally stable enough to go home.

Although Melanie had regained some movement, the devastating effects of her injuries made a full recovery seem impossible. Melanie’s future seemed bleak; she was completely immobile and needed constant assistance. Depressed and beaten, Melanie turned to the dedicated Physical Therapists at Mountain River Physical Therapy (MRPT) to help her reclaim independence and recapture the quality of life.

“Until I started physical therapy at MRPT, I never thought I would walk or function normally again,” states Evans. “My Physical Therapists were always supportive and never lost faith in me. They were the most important aspect of my healing process.”

The Physical Therapists at MRPT are experts at improving the lives of patients who have suffered injuries caused by automobile accidents. As in Melanie’s case, once her reconstructive surgeries were complete, the MRPT Physical Therapists worked with her to help her re-learn simple movements that she could no longer perform due to the accident. The MRPT team used a variety of exercises and therapies that were all targeted toward increasing Melanie’s mobility, improving her flexibly, and helping her regain the 30 pounds of muscle she had lost.

“Our team of experts is dedicated to making sure each patient receives the level of care they need,” says Steve Decker, MSPT, OCS, COMT. “We have specialized exercise and treatment programs to rehabilitate patients, like Melanie, who have suffered dire, life-changing injuries.“

Just over a year has passed since Melanie began her long journey to recovery. And, even though Melanie no longer has scheduled appointments with her physical therapy team, she still continues to work out at MRPT three times per week. Melanie now walks without the aid of her walker; a feat both Melanie and her doctors believe is truly a miracle. Although the accident caused Melanie to suffer through many months of painful injuries, depression and financial difficulty, she believes the accident changed her life for the better. She looks at the world through new eyes; is happier and has reconnected with her faith. Melanie has also become a relentless advocate for legislation against texting while driving. Using her painful story as evidence, Melanie was able to help persuade Pennsylvania’s Governor to sign the legislation into law. According ISHN website, the new anti-texting while driving law will take effect in March of 2012.    

“I am able to lead a normal life again and help keep accidents like this from happening to others because the Physical Therapists at MRPT gave me my life back,” says Melanie. “If anyone has any doubts about the benefits of physical therapy they can call me, I will be happy to share my story and tell them about the miracle workers at MRPT.”

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