MS Society Releases Natural Multiple Sclerosis treatment as an Effective Alternative to Heavy Medication

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According to Ironclad Integrity Ltd physicians and health experts are discovering new pieces of the baffling Multiple Sclerosis puzzle each day, but don’t seem to be getting closer to an effective and permanent cure. reveals that MS expert Dr. Gary M. Levin have released a natural Multiple Sclerosis treatment, based on herbal therapy and a particular diet to deliver an effective alternative to heavy medication.

multiple sclerosis natural treatment

Multiple Sclerosis Natural Treatment System

Conventional treatments for MS are based on heavy medication that range from antidepressants, interferons, mioxantrone and steroids. In the long run these drugs deliver only a temporary reduction of the number of episodes, whereas they boost the risk of developing other afflictions because of their strain on the body.

With that in mind, more and more MS patients quit their pills and opt for a natural multiple sclerosis treatment that doesn’t involve the use of androgenic hormones, an addiction to antidepressants, not to mention a higher risk to develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer.

According to recent studies suggest that patients could have more to win by choosing a natural treatment that doesn’t carry side-effects. With each study, scientists identify a new piece of the puzzle, adding new factors to the list that raises the risk of Multiple Sclerosis.

Since modern medicine hasn’t yet come up with a permanent or at least long term cure for Multiple Sclerosis, a treatment based on herbal therapy and Directed Nutrition is easily more appealing to patients, particularly when it delivers successful results.

Dr. Gary M. Levin is a retired M.D. and Surgeon with an experience of more than four decades in medicine and a particular focus in treating MS patients. Dr. Levin has recently released an eBook that promotes a natural Multiple Sclerosis treatment instead of heavy medication. According to the doctor’s website, this natural treatment for MS is based on “a simple step-by-step method that rehabilitates your immune system and boosts your supporting body systems to rid it of all symptoms”.

The natural treatment for MS is based on plants that have regenerative, as well as anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and immunomodulator effects that help provide relief. Natural products and natural substances such as Lecithin, Omega 3 fatty acids, Evening Primrose oil, Noni, Rhodiolin and Vein Protex are part of the herbal therapy Dr. Gary M. Levin promotes as an effective natural treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Combined with a correct nutrition, Dr. Levin believes this treatment targets the root cause of MS, the overactive immune system.

Dr. Gary M. Levin is a reputable health expert and longtime researcher in MS, with more than forty years in the field of US medicine. The natural treatment for MS he has developed focus on correct nutrition, allopathic and alternative medicine, a combination that he found to be successful longtime ago, when he was introduced to these therapies after suffering a surgical intervention. The Sclerosis Treatment website developed by Dr. Levin aims to keep MS patients and their caregivers informed of all alternative therapies available and teach how correct nutrition and herbal therapy can improve a patient’s health.

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