Muck Boots Now Offers Anti-Virus 'Soft-wear' on New Site

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Grandmothers have always stressed the importance of dressing warmly to go outside to avoid catching a cold. Muck Boots Direct now offers a solution that can help everyone heed this good advice that's been handed down for generations.

put a jacket on or you'll catch a cold.

Grandmothers and mothers are notorious for saying, "put a jacket on or you'll catch a cold." The truth is that it's not the frigid temperature that will cause a person to catch the flu or a cold. The flu and common cold are caused by viruses. However, most would agree that it is far more likely to catch a cold during the winter season, so there must be some correlation, however minor, between being colder and being more susceptible to viruses. Research over the past several years has shown that it is not just simple folklore, but in fact true, that acute chilling of the body--especially the feet--can result in a higher likelihood of cold symptoms developing. Muck Boots are widely known to keep feet warmer than other winter boots, thereby reducing the risk of a person catching a common cold. Muck Boots Direct now offers a new website, with a wide variety of warm, waterproof, and durable boots to help keep colds away.

Two main areas that are very sensitive to the cold are the feet and the head. Why? They are furthest from the heart, and the top of the feet contain capillary vessels that are closer to the skin than on most other parts of the body. Most people, if forced to choose, would probably prefer to stick their hand into a bucket of ice water before they would choose to stick their foot in.

According to Muck Boots Direct owner, Don VanPelt, "(Muck Boots) are known to keep the feet warmer, because of the tough construction and the high quality insulation. Plus, they are 100% waterproof, which automatically helps the feet stay warmer because they stay dry." Without the presence of a virus, a person will not catch a cold, but when the body gets cold or the body temperature drops only by a fraction, a person's immune system is more fragile and its ability to protect itself from a common virus attack is compromised. Keeping feet warm during the colder months of the year is crucial, and one of the worst things that can happen is for feet to get wet in a cold environment.

Some may recall being a child and having to stick their feet in plastic bread bags before putting on winter boots. Were these old fashioned mothers right, forcing children to dress this way? Yes, they were, but not from having modern medical information, rather, it was from years of experience and logic. This advice seems to not be as outdated as expected, with some current research supporting the notion. A recent study of 180 British subjects found that while acute chilling of the feet did not trigger respiratory cold symptoms, onset of cold symptoms was reported in the days immediately following the exposure in nearly 15% of subjects involved.

To help protect the body's immune system from viruses, Muck Boots has come up with ingenious anti-virus software for the human body. A way to keep feet completely dry, warm, and comfortable, helping the body's defense mechanisms remain at their peak efficiency. VanPelt says, "…you can think of Muck Boots as 'anti-virus software' for your body. Just like you want to protect your computer by minimizing its vulnerability to viruses, you want to protect your body, too. Keeping your feet warm is one way to do that. Don't turn off your anti-virus software by getting cold."

For more information on keeping your feet completely dry and warm, please contact Don VanPelt or visit Muck Boots Direct.

About Muck Boots Direct:

Muck Boots Direct was started in 2008 as a way for consumers to have access to a wide selection of the highest quality, most durable, and most comfortable footwear on the market, delivered directly to their doors thanks to the convenience of online shopping.

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