Extech EX330 Multimeter Wins EEVBlog $50USD Multimeter Shootout

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Extech Instruments is pleased to announce that the Extech EX330 digital multimeter won a recent multimeter $50USD "shootout" comparison on EEVBlog.com against models from Amprobe, Elenco, Vichy and Global Specialties. Watch the extensive comparison video on YouTube.

Dave Jones, EEVBlog introduces Amprobe, Extech, and other multimeters

brilliant, the best manual of the bunch

Extech Instruments, (http://www.extech.com), is pleased to announce that the Extech EX330 digital multimeter won a recent multimeter $50USD "shootout" comparison on EEVBlog.com against models from Amprobe, Elenco, Vichy and Global Specialties. Watch the extensive comparison video on YouTube (http://tinyurl.com/eevblog-comparison).

About the Shootout
Known for his candor, humor and unusual style, popular Aussie video blogger David Jones has posted nearly 100 "vlog" episodes on EEVBlog.com on a variety of topics of interest to folks in electrical and electronic engineering. Armed with a selection of multimeters in the $50USD price range generously supplied by http://www.Tequipment.net, David Jones went to work meticulously comparing a very wide range of features and capabilities as well as build quality attributes. The other meters in the comparison were the Amprobe AM-220, Elenco M-2625, Global Specialties Pro-50, and Vichy VC99.

Picking a Winner
Reporting in his characteristically irreverent and off-the-cuff style, Dave Jones concluded at the end of the exhaustive 54-minute episode that Extech was the "clear winner" of the shootout and "better than the others overall." To arrive at his verdict, it took quite a combination of winning attributes:

In terms of shape, feel, and form factor, Jones commented that the Extech "feels by far like the best one in the lot" with a "small and compact" size and "nice curved shape." He liked the quality of the rubber holster and described the DMM as built "like a brick …," giving the impression it was "really well made, solid and will survive in your toolbox. It's a beauty." He later verified this with a standard 1-meter drop test from a work bench and captured the bouncing meters using high speed video. Jones concluded "The clear standout is the Extech, by far. It just absorbed the impacts. It's pretty darn solid. You got the impression it could survive a hell of a lot more than that."

In terms of a large easy to read display, Jones called the EX330 "by far the standout winner." He added, "It's got the biggest, clearest display with big fat digits. I really like it. And it's got a rock-solid window on it." When it comes to comparing the user manuals of the meters, the Extech's was "brilliant, the best manual of the bunch," citing its "tons of operational diagrams." When comparing the test leads that are included with the DMMs, Jones called the Extech test leads "super-duper sharp. Really very, very nice. And, they are properly rated on the cables themselves."

An EEVBlog viewer-favorite is when Jones opens up meters and takes a critical look inside. Dave Jones started by comparing battery and fuse access. Jones preferred the easy and direct access using a dedicated cover for the batteries and fuse, adding "the Extech has a nice threaded machine screw for the battery and fuse cover. Brilliant! Big thumbs up to the Extech EX330."

As he opened the Extech, Jones' said, "I really kind of like it!" Of particular appeal was the EX330 DMM's full metal tube input sockets. These contrasted with the split metal tubes of several other models in the comparison that are prone to stress and wear over time: "Solid input tubes for the jacks. They're really actually quite nice. One of the more reliable implementations I've seen…"

On the safety side, the Extech and Amprobe were the only ones in the comparison to be rated CAT III 600V overvoltage protection. Additionally, Jones pointed out the EX330's "case has very deep surround for full blast protection" and it was the only DMM that leveraged a combination of a varistor and PTC overload protection. His conclusion of the guts of the EX330: "I like the internal construction of the EX330 for the price range. It's a winner!"

Dave Jones patiently covered an extensive amount of DMM function tests where the Extech fared well, such as a "fast" continuity tester rating. Dave Jones also pointed out include several features that set the Extech apart. The EX330 was one of two models that go down to 1pF in capacitance resolution. "I really like that. That gets a big thumbs up." He also liked the NCV feature: "One of the big advantages of the Extech meter is that it has a non-contact voltage probe… It works quite well and works when it's switched off. Pretty handy feature."

Learn more about the affordable and award-winning 12-function Extech EX330 digital multimeter. Watch this EEVBlog shootout (episode #91), or download a comprehensive PDF comparison chart of the multimeter shootout. To order an Extech EX330, visit our "find a distributor" page.

About Extech Instruments, a FLIR Company
Extech Instruments is recognized as the source for the best handheld test and measurement tools worldwide. Founded in 1971, Extech is known for its depth and breadth of innovative testers and meters suited for electrical, HVAC, building/restoration, as well as a host of environmental testers for measurement of sound, light, humidity and other factors. All Extech meters are distributed worldwide through leading representatives, distributors and OEMs. The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA and is ISO 9001 2000 certified. Extech is a wholly owned subsidiary of FLIR Systems, Inc.


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