Digital Signage - Boosting Sales by Providing Additional Product Information

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With the help of an Mvix multi-media player, a flat screen video display that grabs a waiting customer’s attention is more affordable than most business owners may realize.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and profitable market advertising options is a new concept referred to as digital signage. Such signs are seen most often in high traffic or waiting areas and are used to provide an audience specific, targeted messages. Today, such signage is on full display in many of the larger, national retail store chains.

Digital signage actually takes on many forms, from scrolling message boards to large video displays utilizing a plasma monitor. Within a specific store or business, such messages may appear in a variety of areas simultaneously or such multiple outlets may display a variety of distinct messages each pertinent to a product prominently displayed in the vicinity of the monitor.

Because these digital signs are electronically controlled, the messages may be changed quickly. In addition, since updates may be done without having to physically change an actual sign, digital signage is precisely the type of advertising media that appeals to the fast paced world of today’s multi-sensory shoppers.

However, as most business owners have learned, such signage can be very expensive. A quick review of reveals their suggested budgeting levels for conventional digital signage. The site notes the variations in hardware costs based on a large plasma screen or on a smaller LCD set, followed by a multi-processor server purchase, a device that could run from a few hundred dollars to $25,000 at the high end.

Adding player software costs, management software and technical support, and peripherals causes the cash register to ring steadily. By the time the finishing touches are placed on the purchase, the cost level approaches $335 per screen per month. Most small business owners quickly realize that such expenses prevent them and their enterprise from considering digital signage.

However, a small new device on the market, the Mvix multi-media player can make digital signage a possibility for even the smallest business owner. At a cost of $249.00 for the unit and another $40 for an 80 GB hard drive, the Mvix is a fully programmable multimedia device that not only offers various play options, it is fully portable.

With the Mvix player, a simple cable hook up allows instant download capabilities from any computer. Any video, audio or digital photo that is playable on a computer, whether it has been downloaded over the internet or uploaded from a CD, may be saved to the Mvix for play with any standard television or large screen plasma unit.

After moving the desired media material to the Mvix unit, a business owner may then connect the multi-media player to any selected screen and start a series of videos, advertising, infomercials, or even a simple product explanation. Such video may also be placed in a repeating loop option that provides a display that runs for 30 minutes before repeating, or for 200 minutes depending on the business owner’s needs.

If a business site seeks multi-screen displays, then instead of expensive outlays for multi-processor servers, a fully loaded Mvix player can be physically moved to various locations and connected in a matter of seconds. However, the most practical application would be to purchase multiple Mvix players for a variety of locations and uses. For an outlay of just $900, a business owner could have three separate units displaying a vast array of information for customers.

Digital signage, the latest in electronic advertising, can be seen at almost every major chain store in America. But such signage need not be limited only to those with six figure advertising budgets. With a little ingenuity and the help of the Mvix multi-media player, such digital signage is available for even the most frugal of business owners.

Mvix(USA), Inc. is a Virginia-based Corporation located about 20 miles from the nation's capital. The manufacturer's representative and exclusive wholesalers of products manufactured by Unicorn Information Systems Co. Ltd., Mvix(USA) caters to individual consumers, regional distributors, and resellers located within North and South America.

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