Nintendo Wii U Games, Consoles and Accessories Available for Preorder

Share Article is taking preorders on various Nintendo Wii U products. The Wii U itself will be released on November 18, along with select games and accessories.

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The WiiU gamepad allows for gamers to have a completely different view of the game that is being played on the TV screen, at the same time.

The upcoming Nintendo Wii U console is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated tech products for the holiday season, and is taking preorders for various consoles, games and accessories for the system. The console and various accessories and games will be released November 18.

Nintendo Wii U Features -

The innovative Wii U console features a television unit that attaches to an HDTV, like most consoles, but it is also paired with a controller that sports a 6.2 inch screen with HD graphics, that allows the consumer to play a game in hand and out of the room.

From a traditional standpoint, playing a game on a television set and playing the game on a handheld screen have been completely different gameplay experiences. With the new controller, the difference has been taken out, and the gameplay is a fluid and solid experience. The controller has an advantage for gameplay in various forms. For single player games, the controller can show information about the game that is not shown on the television and the information and viewpoint can be changed based on the orientation of the gyroscope. With the multiplayer games, particularly in a cooperative format, the person with the controller has a different viewpoint, thus creating unique competitive and cooperative opportunities.

As mentioned earlier, the controller features a accelerometer and a gyroscope, a camera that faces inward, speakers, and a microphone. The console itself can support the traditional Wii nunchuks, the classic controller, the classic controller plus, and the Wii balance board.

From a technical standpoint, the Wii U console features 4 USB 2.0 connector slots, an IBM power-based multi-core microprocessor, internal memory and the ability to expand the memory via an SD flash card or a USB external hard-disk drive.

Nintendo Wii U Games -

The Nintendo Wii U will have many games that will be available at the time of launch, as well as games that will be released later in the year. Some of the games that will be released at launch include -

Ninja Gaiden 3 - The game has been redesigned for the Wii U to work to the console's strengths and enhancements. In the Wii U version, new weapons and Ninpo types will be introduced, along with a new character progression system, a new battle system and more.

Nintendo Land- Nintendo Land is a virtual theme park that is based on classic and popular Nintendo game worlds. In the multiplayer mode, 5 players can play with or against each other, depending on the attraction. The experience changes based on whether the game is being watched on the screen or on the controller.
Darksiders II - The game features unique DRC functionality that will allow for gamers to unlock inventory and abilities.

Nintendo Wii U Games Scheduled For Later This Year

  • Assassin's Creed III - Having the Wii U controller will allow for better recognition of enemies with a larger, more comprehensive overhead map. When the fights begin, the user can change their weapons on the fly without stopping game action.
  • Madden NFL 13- The Wii U controller for users to call hot routes, adjust defensive assignments, call audibles, change personnel packages and make substitutions with the use of the Wii U touchscreen on the gamepad.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II- The Call of Duty: Black Ops II version for the Wii U features many enhancements that will give the gamer a completely new idea of the series. The game uses Wii U’s second-screen viewing enhancement with the Wii U gamepad screen. With the Wii Touchscreen, gamers can drr multiplayer maps, call-in score streaks and have the ability to choose loadouts.

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