Laptop Computer Security Firm Launches MyLaptopGPS Encryption and Remote Decryption Kill to Provide the Industry-Leading Laptop Protection Technology

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Addition of Encryption Functionalities Renders MyLaptopGPS' Product an All-in-One, One-of-a-Kind Approach to Laptop Computer Security: "Encrypt. Track. Recover."

Encrypt sensitive data. Track stolen laptops. Recover lost assets.

We are aware of no other solution that offers the level of protection now available with MyLaptopGPS

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Laptop computer security firm MyLaptopGPS, featured in Inc. Magazine, TechRepublic and elsewhere, has introduced patent-pending laptop encryption to its already robust Internet-based laptop tracking product. MyLaptopGPS™, whose unmatched industry theft rate sees only 4 out of every 1,000 machines equipped with the technology going missing to thieves, now features encryption with the fastest speed available and algorithms that far surpass standard AES. MyLaptopGPS' new FIPS Level 2-certified laptop encryption provides Remote Decryption Kill (RDK), as well, locking data out of thieves' reach even in the unlikely event that the encryption key becomes available to them.

"Purchasing a capable laptop theft protection technology is easily one of the smartest moves any organization can make," said Robert Siciliano, CEO of identity theft protection firm "The alternative to paying less than ten dollars per month to protect a machine is to play chicken with costs reaching into the hundreds of thousands, even the millions--the typical aftermath for any organization struck by a highly publicized data theft. MyLaptopGPS far surpasses its competition in not only protecting mobile computing devices from thieves once they've gotten a hold of a machine with valuable data on it, but also in deterring those thieves from even bothering to steal the machine in the first place."

With clients in 18 countries across six continents, MyLaptopGPS, a Tri-8, Inc. company, is a leader in laptop computer security and mobile data privacy. Thanks to a proven multilayered security approach featuring strong encryption, covert laptop tracking, remote data recovery and deletion, and theft prevention, MyLaptopGPS boasts a 99.6 percent success rate in the battle against laptop theft.

MyLaptopGPS Encryption features the following:

  •     Remote Decryption Kill (RDK)--even a thief who has the decryption key cannot decrypt the data on a MyLaptopGPS-equipped machine
  •     Fastest encryption available today (patent pending)
  •     NIST FIPS Level 2 certification
  •     Non-expanding encrypted data footprint (patent pending)--whether they be entire disks or individual files and folders, the addition of MyLaptopGPS will not increase their size
  •     Flexible encryption model: disk, file, folder, file type, etc.--the technology adapts to protect entire disks or individual files
  •     Administrative recovery of lost keys
  •     Automatic re-encryption
  •     Hardware-specific encryption: data cannot be decrypted on any other hardware (optional)

"We are aware of no other solution that offers the level of protection now available with MyLaptopGPS," said Dan Yost, chief technology officer of MyLaptopGPS. Yost, a recognized expert in laptop security and security best practices, provides guidance to corporations, small businesses, academic organizations, and other groups. He invited readers to follow MyLaptopGPS' laptop computer security blog and laptop computer security posts on Twitter. Anyone who belongs to LinkedIn® is encouraged to join MyLaptopGPS' laptop computer security group there.

"The addition of technology that enables users to actually shut off the keys to new, industry-leading encryption capabilities is truly game-changing," Yost continued. "When your technology already stops laptop theft nearly one hundred percent of the time--the best success rate in the business--you know you're doing something right. But we just couldn't stop there, and now, the impossibly small percentage of MyLaptopGPS customers who do see their laptops go missing to thieves have at their disposal even more tools for damage control."

Even without encryption, only 4 out of every 1,000 laptop computers equipped with MyLaptopGPS ever go missing to thieves, a theft rate unmatched in the industry; the company's technology for laptop theft prevention, in fact, is itself a deterrent. Machines equipped with MyLaptopGPS laptop tracking technology that do end up in thieves' possession have long enabled their rightful owners to remotely track their property and covertly delete and recover data from it, all unbeknownst to the criminal.

Additionally, MyLaptopGPS includes SafeRegistry™, a comprehensive system for inventorying entire fleets of mobile computers. Bolstering SafeRegistry is a full line of SafeTags™, police-traceable property tags designed to secure not only laptop computers, but also iPods™, iPhones™, cell phones, BlackBerry™ devices and other mobile property. Notably, SafeTags are applied with 3M 300LSE pressure-sensitive adhesive, the functional equivalent of welding for Low Surface Energy plastics.

About MyLaptopGPS
Celebrating 25 years in business, Tri-8, Inc. (DBA has specialized in complete system integration since its founding in 1984. From real-time electronic payment processing software to renowned mid-market ERP implementations, the executive team at MyLaptopGPS has been serving leading enterprises and implementing world-class data systems that simply work. With MyLaptopGPS™, Tri-8, Inc. brings a level of expertise, dedication, knowledge and service that is unmatched. MyLaptopGPS™'s rock-solid performance, security, and reliability flow directly from the company's commitment to top-notch software products and services.

CEO of, Robert Siciliano is a member of the Bank Fraud & IT Security Report's editorial board and of the consumer advisory board for McAfee. Additionally, in a partnership to help raise awareness about the growing threat of identity theft and provide tips for consumers to protect themselves, he is nationwide spokesperson for uni-ball in 2009 ( provides for more information). A leader of personal safety and security seminars nationwide, Siciliano has been featured on "The Today Show," "CBS Early Show," CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, "The Suze Orman Show," "The Montel Williams Show," "Tyra" and "Inside Edition." Numerous magazines, print news outlets and wire services have turned to him, as well, for expert commentary on personal security and identity theft. These include Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, United Press International, Reuters and others. Visit Siciliano's Web site (, blog (, and YouTube page (


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