A New Approach To Dealing With Heartburn

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Millions of Americans suffer from some degree of heartburn. There are several medications on the market including over-the-counter treatments and prescription drugs for a quick fix; however, are pills the only remedy for heartburn sufferers? The answer is no! There is a natural approach to treating frequent heartburn in individuals.

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"I must say I’m not only pleased, I’m thrilled and astonished. After 5 weeks of religiously following the steps in your book, the majority of symptoms have gone."
Even Yang (Singapore)

MyReviewsNow presents a holistic, natural approach in dealing with heartburn that doesn't involve taking drug-store medicines. "Heartburn No More" is an excellent way for frequent sufferers of acid reflux to rid their systems of this annoying and painful illness. Nothing is worse than planning a fun evening or weekend only to be disappointed by not attending due to of a intense burning sensation in the upper chest. While many people battle acid reflux by taking prescription and nonprescription medication, there is hope for those who want to choose another natural, direction. Thank goodness for that, especially if cost is an issue and health insurance is not available for prescription medication.

"Heartburn No More" offers relief that takes effect quickly and permanently for those who follow the program. "Heartburn" creator, Jeff Martin, through eleven years of trial, error and countless hours of experimentation, developed the Heartburn program under a rigorous clinical research process. Further, the Heatrburn holistic system does not involve or require any drugs or antacids. As a certified nutritionist and medical researcher, Jeff has personal understanding of chronic heartburn. Suffering through years of acid reflux, he was finally diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly known as GERD. Though doctors explained to Jeff that his GERD was non-curable, it didn't deter him from years of research that resulted in the "Heartburn No More" program that not only cured his reflux but also thousands of others who utilized the "Heartburn" approach.

MyReviewsNow urges those who have had no success with traditional medication and those who want to try a different approach, to give The "Heartburn No More" program serious consideration. At a cost of under $60, it is certainly an affordable alternative to main-stream treatment methods and is all natural.

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