Brand New Business Opportunity Taking America by Storm, a Huge Breakthrough on Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Effects...

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Tania-Maria Xavier is a stay home mom, owner of and was one of the area managers at EcoEnergizer.

F2-21 ®, has shown to enhance fuel mileage by up to 26% and reduce harmful emissions by up to 98%

ITALY - The Italian National Railways (Ferrovie) tested F2-21 ®, also known as NanoEnergizer™, in 2,000 horsepower diesel locomotives and found 8% fuel savings and 40% exhaust smoke reduction, as well as almost 100% removal of combustion chamber deposits in a 550,000 KM overhaul.

THAILAND - Motorcross Magazine has repeatedly recommended the use of F2-21® for fuel savings and emission reduction. F2-21 ® has been used in Thailand in power generators and automobile fleets, as well as in consumer vehicles.

United Nations - F2-21®, was selected by United Nations in 1994 as the most effective and cost saving fuel additive for conserving energy and alleviating urban transport related air pollution problems in Asia.

Anyone who wants to save fuel money should use it on a regular basis. F2-21 ®, is for users of all types of motor vehicles (2 cycle and 4 cycle) including gasoline or diesel automobiles, trucks, buses, military vehicles, water craft, gas turbines, garden equipment, tractors, fishing boats, locomotives, taxi fleets, motorcycles, tugboats, off-road vehicles, and stationary industrial equipment, such as power generators.

"F2-21 ®, has shown to enhance fuel mileage by up to 26% and reduce harmful emissions by up to 98%", promoting a cleaner environment for our future generations.

The product works, however the company here in the United States, EcoEnergizer, has been grossly mismanaged.

U.S.A. - June 2006, EcoEnergizer™ launches business opportunity at zero cost to join.

However many who joined were encouraged to have product "Auto Shipped" on a monthly basis at about $60.00.

U.S.A. - January 2007, more than 8,000 unauthorized deductions were made from members bank accounts and credit card accounts... Banking Fraud.

Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs sent both EcoEnergizer and GreenZap (The company in charge of bank and credit card deductions) subpoenas requiring documents and answers by the end of January.

Unfortunately for all the Eco Distributors who have been scammed out of the half million dollars, both GreenZap and EcoEnergizer may leave them as the uncompensated victims.

I was one of the IBO's in Eco that paid money, and out of thousands of people who did pay to become area managers and above, the "take" from that, was somewhere between 4 and 6 million dollars. Signups ranged from $178 to $538.

"When I first joined, I was very excited, attended meetings and was involved, but soon things just did not feel right..." Tania-Maria says.

Tania-Maria Xavier can be reached at 323-842-8629 .


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