Endohedral Metallofullerenes Now Available at 10 Cents a Gram

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Cost barriers fall for nano-material use as metallofullerenes become immediately available for 100X cheaper than present sources.

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Breaking through the primary commercial barrier to the use of these critically important nano-structures in a $ 300 billion industry, JenLaur, Ltd. has announced the availability of a number of species of metallofullerene at well under $1.00 a gram for 99.9% purified species as well as the immediate availability of 99+pure C60@Fe in bulk quantity for $ 0.10 per gram.

This unique new class of molecules, whose fullerene shell encapsulates and incorporates transitional metal as well as other elements, provides a protective barrier for the reactive metal atom. It develops as well a functional fullerene group for use as substrates, carrier molecules, catalysts, metal matrix composites, and bulk material inoculation enhancing property improvements.

This proprietary patent pending system finally resolves the issues of prohibitively high production costs inherent in the presently understood systems. According to a recent NSF Grant, the system derivatives being presently explored for the production of metallofullerenes hold the promise of reducing present day costs to a projected low of $10.00 a gram for 99% purity material.    

JenLaur can now offer these 99+ pure metallofullerenes for $ 0.10 per gram, making the projected applications in nano-materials, nan-memory systems, superconductivity, pharmaceuticals, nonlinear optics, metal-matrix composites, high strength, high wear, extremely low friction and corrosion resistance materials a reality of today, not tomorrow.

This new in-situ process produces 99+ purity transitional metal metallofullerenes through a continuous, dramatically unique synthesis method that is scalable from the present 25,000 lbs per month level to over 200,000 lbs per month within the next six months. This unique system grows the metallofullerene in a pure form removing the cost of purification from most species. It can be purchased in bulk crystalline form or as nano-powder. The C60@Fe metallofullerene is completely stable in open atmosphere up to 3700 F.

The C60@Fe metallofullerene derivatives have already shown extremely attractive properties in electromechanical and electromagnetic materials, potentials for FRAM chip technology, biochemistry, catalytic reactions and transport mechanisms, extremely high wear, high toughness, and corrosion resistance in metal matrix composites as well as in additions to polymers. The less than 2 Angstrom surface deviation in the large surface crystalline form combined with thermal stability to 3700 F and thermal and electrical conductivities over four times that of any reported standard ferro-carbon chemistry with a dynamic coefficient of friction of < 0.03 holds the promise of breaking many present day material barriers.

JenLaur, Ltd. is pleased to announce the choice of Ervin Industries, Inc. of Ann Arbor, MI, as our prime toll manufacturer of these proprietary patent-pending materials.

The primary researchers at Jen Laur have been working on this technology for nearly a decade and are pleased to be the first company that can say, “We are ready to take orders.” Samples, as well as confirming data, are available immediately by contacting JenLaur, Ltd. at the numbers below or at http://www.jenlaurltd.com. We look forward to supporting the industrial growth these materials promise now that the obvious cost barriers to full commercialization have been removed.

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