High-Tech HydroWorx Goes Galactic and Teams with NASA

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American Astronauts will benefit from HydroWorx aquatic therapy technology in their training and rehabilitation programs. A 1200 Series pool, which features an underwater treadmill, and hot and cold plunge pools are to be installed at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

NASA has turned to HydroWorx's aquatic therapy pools for help with the conditioning and health of its astronauts. The Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas is where U.S. astronauts live and train; the facility is working on a project called the Center for Space Flight Performance and Research. This high-tech health center will incorporate HydroWorx hydrotherapy pools to keep its space travelers fit and healthy.

The Center plans to include a HydroWorx 1200 Series underwater treadmill pool, a ThermalPlunge hot tub and a PolarPlunge cold tub.

The 1200 Series swim spa is a quantum leap forward in aquatic therapy and wellness. Its ground-breaking design allows healthcare professionals with limited space to enjoy the benefits of our aquatic therapy and exercise in a compact package. The entire pool floor is fully adjustable in height, which will allow the astronauts to simply stand or sit on the treadmill while it is flush with the surrounding floor and be lowered into the water. The pool depth can reach 6' within 30 seconds, so the astronauts' coaches and physical therapists can strategically unload 20% to 90% of their bodyweight by raising or lowering the treadmill to manipulate water depth. This comes in handy training for zero gravity.

The astronauts will be able to walk or run against resistance jets, which are essential for exercise, therapy, rehabilitation, swimming, or deep tissue massage. These jets are adjustable to up to 200 different water speeds. Attaching a massage hose harnesses the force of a jet into a focused stream, creating a deep, wide band of pressure for subcutaneous, therapeutic penetration and myofascial release.

All functions of the HydroWorx pool are computer monitored and will be able to be recorded to validate and track astronaut recovery and progress.

The 1200 Series pool will include three underwater cameras and a flat screen viewing monitor which will greatly enhance the NASA therapist's diagnostic capabilities when evaluating an astronaut's underwater gait pattern.

NASA's awareness of the benefits of hot and cold water therapy prompted their purchase of the other HydroWorx pools for the facility. The hot water (94º- 110º) and cold pools (50º) will allow U.S. astronauts to speedily recover from strain and exercise. Strategic pool jets can be positioned in any configuration for soothing massage or trigger point patterns. Attaching a massage hose harnesses the force of a jet into a focused stream, creating a deep, wide band of pressure for hot or cold subcutaneous, therapeutic penetration and myofascial release.

The thermal heating units are engineered to distribute warm or hot water to relax tight muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins. This will aid astronauts in stretching and warming-up pre-activity or soothing tired muscles post-activity.

HydroWorx's Polar Chiller systems maintain water temperatures at a therapeutic 50º to control joint inflammation and enhance recovery by constricting muscle fibers to pump out lactic acid.

With the addition of HydroWorx aquatic therapy pools in the Center for Space Flight Performance and Research, NASA's astronauts' fitness and health should be out of this world.

About HydroWorx: HydroWorx specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing the world's finest water therapy and conditioning equipment for the home, sports, healthcare, eldercare, and fitness markets. The company leads the industry in scientific research and data supporting the therapeutic and rehabilitative properties of hydrotherapy. HydroWorx has sold residential pools and professional aquatic therapy pools in all 50 states and twelve countries. HydroWorx's extensive and elite client list includes Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Richard J. Hawkins, renowned orthopedic surgeons, the, the University of Texas, USC, LSU, Ohio State, as well as Nike, the San Antonio Spurs, and Notre Dame. European Cup champs Manchester United Football Club and the Super Bowl champion New York Giants are also among hundreds of other distinguished customers.


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