Calls for Action from U.S. National Transportation Safety Board

Share Article finance and lifestyle magazine remarks on the collapse of a Washington bridge as a result of a Vancouver trucker colliding with its support beams, and petitions the NTSB to review older bridges and other road structures for architectural soundness finance and lifestyle magazine today issued their observations regarding the Washington state bridge that collapsed on Friday after a truck struck at least one of the bridge’s girders. implores the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to evaluate other older bridges and structures to ensure that the framework is sound and truly safe for drivers to use.

Elaine Porterfield of Reuters reported on Friday, May 24th that the Washington state bridge that collapsed about 55 miles north of Seattle did so due to the collision of a truck with at least one of the bridge’s girders. Porterfield states that the truck driver made it across the bridge, however, two vehicles plunged into the river as a result of the collapse. No one was injured. Porterfield reports that in the wake of the crash, Washington lawmakers have called for investigations into some of the other older bridges in the state and around the country. Despite their efforts however, state officials maintain that the bridge was structurally sound and had been inspected and okayed twice last year. petitioned the NTSB to take a closer look into the accident and to use this incident as a launch point for a country-wide evaluation.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “It seems insane to me that a truck hits a bridge’s support beam in just the right way, and the bridge goes down. In this day and age where technology is so advanced and so great, I just can’t imagine how this could happen. It seems that there might have been some issues with this bridge that were overlooked, and I think it would be a good idea to be checking on all the other bridges and similar structures. After all, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses drive over these types of thoroughfares every day, and there is certainly the chance that an accident could occur. Just like people don’t enjoy thinking about death or purchasing a life insurance policy, most people don’t like looking over the side of a bridge as they are driving over it, wondering if they’ll end up in the water below. This time nobody was killed or even hurt, but I don’t really want to think about next time.”

The above-mentioned Reuters article stated that according to the National Bridge Inventory Database, a privately-run company separate from the state, had categorized the bridge as “functionally obsolete”. Porterfield writes that this term generally means that a structure is not compliant with current demands or architectural standards. However, the state secretary of transportation, Lynn Peterson, continued to deny the structural deficiency of the bridge. Peterson is quoted as saying, “Based on our inspecting, the bridge is not structurally defective. We do take hits on almost every one of our bridges. This is just bad luck where and how it was hit.” believes that when in doubt, it’s best to not take any chances.’s Senior staff writer is quoted saying, “If there is any confusion at all as to whether this bridge was structurally sound, that’s too much confusion in my opinion. Every group in charge of studying the bridge should be 100% that it was just a fluke accident and would never happen again. I would petition our readers, many of them retired folks looking for good causes to support and put their time into, to do their own investigating into this story. And, if it moves them, to reach out to the NTSB and call for some deeper investigation into our country’s bridges, suspended roads, and other precarious structures to ensure that nothing like this happens again.”

According to the Reuters article, Jan Katezenberger, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Department of Transportation, is quoted as saying that a brand new bridge would undergone the same fate if it had suffered a hit from a large vehicle like this bridge did.

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