Tapestry Books Guides People Through National Adoption Month One Book at a Time

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Tapestry Books is an online store dedicated to helping people who are part of a family touched by adoption Â? adoptive parents, children and birth parents. Marked by superior customer service and motivated by expertise in the field, Tapestry Books strives to be the preeminent source for books on the subject.

Adoptive families want and need resources to help parents and children through the lifelong adoption journey. Finding accurate and reliable information is often a challenge. It’s not always easy for any member of the family to know where to turn. The solution — a book store on the web — Tapestry Books at http://www.tapestrybooks.com.

When Diane Wilburn and her husband decided to explore adoption for their family, she knew they had a lot to learn. But her search for books through the big retail stores and the general subject online book stores led to frustration. She found herself staring at hundreds of titles on the subject but having no idea where to start. Sadly, the people at the major retailers met her questions with a both a lack of knowledge on the subject and a lack of sensitivity.

Then she came across Tapestry Books (http://www.tapestrybooks.com) and found not only a huge assortment of infertility and adoption education materials but also a level of personal understanding she had not found elsewhere. Suddenly she had a real person to help her sort through the “virtual bookshelves” and she was able to find books that were right for her. “I had just started the process and was looking for something to help my family understand what we were doing and about adoption itself so I contacted Tapestry Books for help in making my selection,” says Wilburn. “I was immediately sent a personal recommendation that would be perfect for my family…this is not the kind of service you’d get from any other retailer.” And indeed that’s the way Tapestry Books wants it.

Founded in the early 1990s as a resource for all members of the adoption triad (adoptive parents, adoptees, birth parents) as well as professionals. Tapestry Books prides itself on knowing what will best help its clients in every phase of their journey. Not only are all the available books reviewed and organized into searchable categories, but e-mail questions are individually answered by the site’s knowledgeable staff. Tapestry Books also offers a unique eCatalog service where all members of a family can create a personal catalog from categories of books of particular interest to them, effectively helping to narrow their search.

“It’s not just about selling books, it is about enabling individuals and agencies to effectively match resources to existing educational needs or programs” says Shepard Morrow, whose company AdoptionEd recently acquired Tapestry Books with the plan to make it the premiere adoption book store on the Internet. “Education is about understanding the entire process and the inner world of the participants, it is about matching a combination of learning modalities to the learner at those points where they are in need of information to make decisions.

"Local workshops, seminars, counseling, books, DVDs, and online courses are all useful tools for the educator to judiciously offer. It is as much about integrating the tools and managing the varied interactions learners have with content as it is about picking the right content. Consistent well paired content, and professionals trained to manage movement towards defined learning goals, are the ingredients for realistic expectations, and successful education about forming a family through adoption.”

Service will always remain the first and foremost priority for Tapestry Books because customer loyalty is important to the company. “We’ve had many individuals who’ve returned to us for help through the entire process beginning with coping with infertility issues to learning how to adopt, parenting adopted children, creating a lifebook and so on,” says the original company founder Laurie Wallmark.

When it comes to exploring adoption, it’s nice for all members of a family to know that they have a “friend” to help them out. “I like that although Tapestry Books is a website, there is a real connection behind it,” says Wilburn. In other words, Tapestry Books gives consumers, the educational materials they need, and the support they crave. Sounds like a winning combination.


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