Former Naval Aviator and Viet Nam Vet--Having Survived, Then Researched Paranormal Encounters--Publishes a Transformative Life-Guide for Here and Now Life Mastery

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Love Story about a Navy pilot healing his frozen heart and surrendering his bear guns for a bear hug after a thirty-year quest to unravel the mysteries of the extraordinary (including a MEN-in-BLACK encounter), acknowledge the miraculous, and publish transformative X-Files useful to all.

In 1957, a Studio City California hillside home belonging to the Stevens family was the site of a reported Flying Saucer crash. This was just the beginning of a spectacular adventure for our intrepid author…now Director of Self-Empowerment Education for the Dodona Human Potential Research Institute and a Community Coordinator for the Institute of Noetic Science (NorCo IONS).

In 1967, Navy Lieutenant Larry James Stevens and his flight crew encountered a spectacular energy force that entered their four-engine transport aircraft with apparent purpose and intent. After terrifying the cockpit occupants with its spectacular fireworks display, the bizarre-acting spheroid went rearward to directly incinerate and deactivate a 4500 lb. chemical canister weapon. None of the ten crewmembers were physically harmed, but when the pilots reported the incident, no one believed their fire-ball story… except for a cloned group of humorless, interrogating investigators allegedly representing some ultra-secret watchdog agency. Suddenly, Men-in-Black became more than a bad fashion statement.

“Celestial Fire,” by Larry James Stevens, is the true story of a decorated U.S. Naval aviator who served in Vietnam, and his Samadhi heart connection achieved after a thirty-year quest to uncover the secret meaning behind paranormal phenomena and the truth of cosmic (guided) intervention. It's a love story of the highest order, as our lonely, emotionally dysfunctional warrior—surviving one extraordinary life-extending event after another—finally learns to let go…let Love…and thereby exchange his bear guns for bear hugs. The life-mastery message revealed to “options broker” Larry, from his relentless pursuit of the higher meaning and purpose to our Earth existence, is user-friendly for both believers and skeptics.

Book Info: ISBN #0-9765577-0-3, 400-page trade paperback (6” by 9”). This Two-Part Life Guide with Foreword by Dodona Institute Founder (1961), human-potential researcher, and former Ernest Holmes protégé, Dr. James Pottenger, is very strong on practical application, creating Power Relationships (home & work place), and prosperity-abundance facilitation. It utilizes concise, avant-garde (holographic) psychology and mystery school principle, riveting but easy to follow story-line, and guided visualization processes.

Book – Non-Fiction – Spiritual/Self-Help/New Psychology

“Celestial Fire - A Naval Aviator’s Spiritual Odyssey”

A former Naval Aviator and Vietnam Vet once met the infamous Men-in-Black. Now, as a Quantum Heart-Shift Facilitator, he’s sharing his proclaimed…secret to life mastery!

“A Real Life Fox Mulder for us X-Files Fans,” says Writer’s Digest reviewer.

“Celestial Fire is Fascinating!” says best-selling mystery-thriller writer, Dean Koontz.

“As both a Naval Aviator in combat, and a metaphysician, Larry has truly earned his call sign 'SoulMan' because he speaks from his soul, to our soul, and his message will make you soar!” says New Thought leader, Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones, author of “The Art of Being, 101 Ways To Practice Purpose In Your Life.”

Recommended by multiple relationship and communications experts. See “What the Experts Say” page at

Sample chapters and excerpts: (see “Table of Contents” page). More Info at Website “Press Room” page or 1-888-619-9559.

Flying Saucer in the Hills photo:

This multiple-books-in-one offering retails for $24.95.

Book available via PayPal Online, (click “Warehouse” page).

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