NCM® to Reveal axcessa™ at NADA: A Data Management Tool that Integrates Auto Dealership Data to Improve Operating Performance

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NCM Associates (, a leading provider of automotive 20 Group, retail consulting, management training, and operations Benchmark® analysis services to franchised and independent auto dealers, announced it will launch a new Web-based software solution, NCM axcessa™, at the National Automobile Dealers Association trade exposition February 9-11, 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The axcessa™ information management tool quickly captures and assimilates the data contained in the various automotive dealership fixed, variable and accounting systems into detailed management reports in a matter of seconds, offering users total transparency to what’s happening throughout the dealership operation and maximum control to impact the efficiency and profitability of the dealership faster.

NCM axcessa auto dealership data management tool

NCM Associates will be launching its axcessa data management tool at NADA 2013

It’s proven to be easy to install, quick to learn and is delivering on its promise to help dealers be more proactive, productive and profitable.

For the past six months, NCM Associates has been quietly introducing its automotive dealer clients to a new Web-based data management service that will provide unprecedented, real-time visibility into the total dealership operation in a matter of seconds. The company plans to unveil the axcessa™ data management solution to the broader auto dealer community at The Best Training Day Ever™ educational event to be held at the Orlando Hilton on February 8th and at the NADA Expo, on February 9th through the 11th at the Orange County Convention Center.

At The Best Training Day Ever, Paul A. Faletti Jr. President and CEO of NCM Associates will explain the genesis of the product and provide an overview of the axcessa™ solution during a lunchtime presentation entitled “Turning Your Data into Business Intelligence.” While in NCM’s exhibit booth at the NADA Expo, Faletti and other NCM representatives will conduct live axcessa™ demonstrations to dealers and dealership managers throughout the three days of the show to illustrate the rapid, real-time access and expansive reporting capabilities axcessa™ offers.

Mr. Faletti expressed optimism that the two back-to-back events will give the tool the exposure it needs to make dealers aware that real-time, comprehensive insight into the total dealership operation is available now and with enhancements like the addition of NCM franchise Benchmark® metrics, the company is eager to showcase axcessa’s proven game-changing dealership management capabilities.

“NCM is excited to participate in these two industry events at this time in our product introduction,” Faletti said. “We knew the tool would need to have established credentials at the time we revealed it to the larger dealer audience, so over the past six months we’ve been quietly implementing the product in client dealerships. I am happy to report that based on the feedback from our initial 50 axcessa™ dealer partners, it’s proven to be easy to install, quick to learn and is delivering on its promise to help dealers be more proactive, productive and profitable.” Faletti added.

NCM Associates is well known in the automotive industry for its pioneering dealership financial data aggregation and Benchmark analysis services it created as the foundation of its automotive Benchmark for Business Success process in 1947. Since then, it has developed a number of proprietary dealership analysis tools to help its clients find and address profit opportunities in the dealership. The axcessa™ product was developed by Reverse Risk in partnership with NCM Associates and represents the next generation in improved dealership management because it offers unprecedented transparency into the total dealership operation and built-in accountability vital for enhancing a dealership’s profit performance.

Because so much of a dealership operation’s data is contained in different fixed, variable and accounting systems and across multiple dealership locations, accessing and compiling the data and preparing detailed management reports is a manual process in many dealerships. With the axcessa™ solution, dealers will be empowered to more proactively address operating inefficiencies, target messages to customers more effectively, control inventories more strategically, and manage personnel productivity more perceptively using real-time business intelligence.

Another important feature of the axcessa™ tool is that it will help dealers mitigate financial risks normally associated with owning a dealership because dealers and their management teams are able to make quick and effective decisions to optimize profitability and minimize exposure. Because users will have the ability to spot micro-trends occurring in the dealership in real time, adjustments can be made before the end of month when dealers have traditionally taken a look at their operation in hindsight.

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About NCM® Associates, Inc.

NCM Associates, Inc. is the originator of the automotive industry 20 Group peer collaboration process and has been providing dealership Benchmark analytical data, education and consulting services to the industry since 1947. Located in Overland Park, Kan., NCM provides a robust suite of services designed to drive dealership profitability using its proven, operations-focused Benchmark® for Success program with new and pre-owned U.S. automotive dealerships, as well as with businesses in more than 20 other industries. NCM is proud to be 100% employee-owned.

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NCM axcessa is an auto dealership data management solution that aggregates the information from the dealership's fixed, variable and accounting systems into actionable business intelligence in a matter of seconds