SuperCleansing From Anchor Computer Offers Guaranteed Data Quality Improvement

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SuperCleansing can fix unclean data in a database that contains spelling mistakes, incorrect formatting, poor structure or incomplete ZIP® codes, update the addresses of those that have moved, remove undesirable/duplicate records and enable US businesses to qualify for United States Postal Service postage discounts.

According to the United States Postal Service® (USPS®) an estimated 5.6 billion pieces of mail was considered “undeliverable-as-addressed” (UAA) in 2005. The cost to the USPS® of handling UAA mail is enormous: approximately $2 billion annually, however the costs to the mailing industry as a whole is double that.

The potential for rising postage rates aside, mailers must also consider the direct economic impact of wasted production and postage on mail pieces that are returned or undeliverable. Assuming a 25% UAA rate, a 100,000 piece mailing could produce up to 25,000 pieces that may never reach their intended recipients resulting in lower sales and lost revenue. If the mail piece cost for production and postage is $0.50¢, that’s a loss of $12,500 – multiplied many times over during the course of a year.

To help address the UAA problem Anchor has introduced SuperCleansing, the industry’s most comprehensive 24/7 address hygiene system to really make mailing lists sparkle. Included in SuperCleansing are: *NCOALinkTM, Apartment Append, *LACSLinkTM, *DSF2TM, Anchor Address Enhancement, Deceased Suppression, Prison Suppression and Duplicate Identification.

“SuperCleansing’ can fix unclean data in a database that contains spelling mistakes, incorrect formatting, poor structure or incomplete ZIP® codes, update the addresses of those that have moved, remove undesirable/duplicate records and enable US businesses to qualify for postage discounts” said Nancy Atwood, Vice President E.Commerce Services for Anchor Computer.

She continued, “For example Anchor’s Address Enhancement process improves records that cannot be ZIP + 4® coded. By using the individual name data and special matching logic on the address to locate a similar (ZIP + 4® code-able) address in large marketing-type databases, we can determine which address elements need to be changed to make the record ZIP + 4® code-able. If we are able to correct the address, we place it directly in the standardized address field. A flag is also set in the output record to indicate the address has been corrected”.

“We perform this process using two Demographic Append databases. Matching is done on individual name and a weighted, fuzzy logic type address matching scheme. The new address we return must be relatively close to the original address. In addition, we will not return a new address unless we can ZIP + 4® code it. Our tests confirm an increase in the number of deliverable addresses resulting from Address Enhancement processing.”


OLD ADDRESS                    

52 Bliss Dr                    

2582 SR8                    

196 Upper Main St


52 Bliss Memorial Dr

2582 State Route 8

196 Main St        

“What kind of return-on-investment can most companies expect using SuperCleansing? The ROI for cleansing your data is substantial, it can reduce direct marketing costs and improve your sales conversion rates” says Atwood, “Take a look at this case study which generated a 10 to 1 return-on-investment.”

In the case study below, Atwood illustrates the cost savings generated by one company that SuperCleansed a 100,000 list before mailing. In the past this client typically experienced an 18% UAA rate.

SuperCleansing was able to correct 14% of the client’s records resulting in a 78% decrease in their undeliverable mail.

Atwood continued, “The cost for mailing each piece was $0.50 including postage and production. By SuperCleansing their data, this client saved $7000.00 (14000 x $0.50) by not sending mail to undeliverable addresses. The cost of this service was only $650.00**, resulting in net savings to the client of $6350.00 and an ROI of 1023% on only the first mailing, as well as additional savings on subsequent mailings.”

“We are so confident our SuperCleansing processing will save mailers money that we guarantee it. We will save you the entire cost of our services on your first mailing or our fee will be adjusted to the savings. You can also subscribe to our quarterly clean up service and save even more.”

For additional information please call Nancy Atwood at 888-728-6262 and SAVE 15% off your first SuperCleansing order.

** The SuperCleansing fee shown is based upon a 3 day turnaround, for 3 hour turnaround a slightly higher fee applies.

    Please Note: Actual % Results/Costs/Savings May Vary.

About Anchor Computer

Anchor Computer, Inc., Farmingdale, NY, is a national database marketing company providing a wide range of data processing services to local, regional and national consumer and business-to-business marketers. Anchor improves the return on its clients' marketing investment using the following services: Address Hygiene, Phone Data Services, E.Marketing, Database Management, Mailing Lists and Postal Processing. For additional information please visit

*Anchor Computer is a non-exclusive Full Service Provider Licensee of the United States Postal Service® for NCOALinkTM, DSF2TM, and LACSLinkTM. Pricing of these products and services is neither established, controlled nor approved by the nUnited States Postal Service®. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: ANKLink, USPS, United States Postal Service, Postal Service, Standard Mail, ZIP, ZIP Code, ZIP + 4, LACSLink, NCOALink, DPV, DSF2, eLOT, CASS and CASS Certified.    AD #11.06


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