Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions™ Launched – Industry Leading Deep Packet Inspection and Cyber Security Platform

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Mantaro announces a high-performance solution for the network intelligence market, developed for government needs and now available to commercial organizations. The MNIS™ platform performs deep packet inspection (DPI) and permits specific and general monitoring of network traffic over an industry-leading 300 protocols and 3,000 attributes.

Mantaro officially announced today the launch of the Exporter, the workhorse of the Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions (MNIS™) platform that addresses an increasing prevalence of network security issues, complicated by a steady stream of new applications, devices and protocols. Mantaro also introduces the Collector, a network traffic metadata storage tool that takes output from the Exporter and stores it in a database in a readily useable format.

The MNIS™ Exporter was developed for a specific government application and now available to all government sectors and commercial companies. It features the widest and deepest range of traffic decodes available—more than 300 protocols are supported and 3,000 attributes are selectable, and numbers are still growing. The deep packet inspection (DPI) processor offers both network survey and directed search operation. Targeted content extraction permits filtering by address/protocol for a wide range of content. The MNIS is architected to scale and to evolve.

“The Exporter and its ability to filter and extract an extremely rich range of content were born out of a specific need in the government. We are now very excited to make it generally available to all our commercial and government customers,” said Jeremy Parsons, CEO, Mantaro.

The Mantaro network intelligence platform is ideal for commercial and government applications, including:

  •     Law Enforcement (CALEA)
  •     Defense (Cyber Defense)
  •     Finance (Insider Trading)
  •     Education (Network Surveillance)
  •     Service Provider (Traffic Management)
  •     Content Provider (Pirating)
  •     Manufacturers (Industrial Espionage)
  •     Healthcare (HIPAA)

The Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions™ Exporter performs deep packet inspection (DPI) on a network at an observation point, composes the observations/results in the form of IPFIX metadata and packet content, and sends them via a separate network connection to the MNIS™ Collector.

Usability is maximized in the Collector and the Exporter. The MNIS™ Collector formats the captured results such that information buried in complex protocols are readily displayed in a human readable format. This allows rapid development of network intelligence software applications that require information that is often buried in these complex protocols. The Exporter’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows the operator to easily monitor the status, configure the operation, and perform admin functions.

“Intuitive graphical user interface controls featured on the Exporter ensure simple configuration and selection of network survey and directed search parameters. Deep packet inspection, classification, and extraction is done on a per-flow basis, and the resulting metadata and content is streamed for real-time processing or passed to the MNIS™ Collector, which stores the information into a database, making it easily accessible for forensic processing,” says Parsons.

The Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions™ use industry-standard protocols and formats, so anyone can easily interface to the data and develop their own proprietary cyber security applications to process the data as they choose. The MNIS™ Collector (MNIS CX-10) currently supports writing the Exporter output to MySQL and Teradata databases and in the future will also support Oracle and IBM. To analyze rich content stored in the MNIS database, a variety of off-the-shelf tools can be used, based on the user’s application.

The Exporter is currently available in a 1U chassis using x86 processor platforms supporting two speed grades: 4Gbps (MNIS EX-04) and 20Gbps (MNIS EX-20). The 20Gbps platform utilizes Quad 8 Core (32 total cores) Intel® Nehalem processors with dual 10G Ethernet interfaces. The 4Gbps platform utilizes a single 8 Core Nehalem processor with Quad 1G Ethernet traffic inputs.

More information on Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions™ is found on the Mantaro website under the Products tab. Please contact Mantaro directly to discuss your application or to arrange for a demonstration of the MNIS™ platform.

About Mantaro:
A products and product development services firm founded in 2001, Mantaro develops and sells products for a wide range of markets. Mantaro also provides a full range of engineering design services to its clients. The technical staff comprises highly talented full-time professional engineers with a history of successful new product development and innovating design experience. Mantaro serves consumer, government, industrial, medical, telecommunications, test & measurement, and transportation industries, and is located in Germantown, Maryland.

Contact Information:    
Kamal Kapadia, Business Development Manager
Mantaro Product Development Services
301-528-2244, Ext 527

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