NetworkThermostat UP32-WIFI Thermostat Starts Shipping with Advanced Remote Sensor Bus for Monitoring and Alerting for up to 11 Remote Sensors and 16 Different Conditions

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NetworkThermostat announces its new commercial grade & UP32-WIFI, a 7-day programmable Wi-Fi thermostat with the Net/X Advanced Remote Sensor Bus. These energy saving thermostats includes a built-in web server, allowing simple connection from any PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet. Features include vacation scheduling, email and text message alerting for up to 11 sensors and 16 alert conditions, commercial lockout and many others. Made in the USA.

UP32-WIFI IP Thermostat

The UP32-WIFI includes a built-in web server, allowing simple connection from any PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet. The thermostat also has an advanced remote sensor bus, allowing email and text messages to be sent for status and alert conditions.


NetworkThermostat, a leading communications-based thermostat manufacturer since 1995, announces the availability of its new UP32-WIFI wireless IP thermostat. This new programmable communicating thermostat (PCT) is a Wi-FI thermostat that includes a built-in web server, allowing simple connection from any PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet. The intuitive interface and powerful web engine puts the right amount of control at the right location. The web server automatically detects the type of device (PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone) making the connection and delivers the right user experience with either the full webpages (PC, Mac or iPad), or mobile pages for small browser platforms such as an iPhone or Android phone. This commercial grade thermostat includes the exclusive Net/X Advanced Remote Sensor Bus, allowing up to eleven (11) remote sensors to be attached for monitoring of up to 6 different sensor types.

"It’s gotta be simple…™" is the driving force behind the development, bringing together software, hardware and human engineering to create a 802.11-based product that allows for the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology.

While traditional programmable thermostats place a burden on the user to program every schedule from the front panel of the thermostat, this Internet thermostat allows point and click control from just about any browser on any device from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi or Internet connection. The UP32-WIFI is an automatic changeover 3-Heat / 2-Cool thermostat with programmability from just a single schedule to seven days per week with up to four events per day. “Schedule programming is performed over the Wi-Fi connection, where it should be done, not from the front panel of the thermostat. ‘Thermostat hieroglyphics’ and the energy wasteful ‘hold’ button are a thing of the past. It’s a powerful new product with the perfect combination of simple front-panel operation and sophisticated control from the browser”, said Jerry Drew, NetworkThermostat’s President. In addition, creating an extended hold (vacation) can be quickly done from the thermostat front panel or from the Wi-Fi connection. With the UP32-WIFI, the user simply enters the day and time to return to normal schedules, allowing energy savings when away and energy efficiency when not.

Because this is an IP thermostat, secure Wi-Fi connection and control can occur from anywhere inside the home or business, and connection from the Internet if you’re not at the thermostat’s location. In addition, controlling multiple UP32-WIFI thermostats is as easy as controlling one. Users have multiple options of using the free Internet-based Net/X™ Remote Device login tool, free Net/X™ Device Explorer tool for on-site LANs (both tools will list all of the user’s thermostats), the free Enterprise-Class Net/X Command Center software for drag-and-drop scheduling of multiple thermostats.

The UP32-WIFI has universal equipment control for conventional gas/electric, heat pump (including dual fuel), electric, and hydronic heat systems. The new thermostat engages both residential and commercial features, including Smart Schedule Recovery™ which allows intelligent temperature recovery, Efficient Equipment Restart™ which efficiently staggers scheduled start times to eliminate multiple units starting at once, adjustable override time and min/max setpoints, fan recirculation, vacation scheduling, keypad lockout, and many more powerful features.

While the UP32-WIFI is a great solution for simple residential or second-home installations, the thermostat also supports a long list of auxiliary inputs and sensors, making it ideal for commercial use. It’s like having a miniature building automation system in a thermostat. Each UP32-WIFI supports ONE (1) OCCUPANCY SENSOR, TWO (2) DIGITAL INPUTS for condensate switch, dirty filter or other fault conditions, and the most advanced remote sensor bus on the market. The advanced remote sensor bus supports a total of ELEVEN (11) SENSORS with up to six (6) indoor remote sensors, an outdoor sensor, a humidity/temperature sensor, plus configurable auxiliary temperature sensors that allows up to three (3) separate monitoring and alerting points on every thermostat… all on a simple 3-wire bus. The auxiliary temperature sensors can be used for a long list of measuring, monitoring and alerting including items such as supply air, return air, walk-in freezers, refrigerated display cases, computer rooms, wine rooms/cellars, cooling and heating water loops, pool/spa water temperatures and others.

The UP32-WIFI platform has the most powerful email and text message alerting available on a thermostat. Up to 4 email and text message destinations can be used for reminders and alerting of a myriad of conditions for both customer and service personnel. With the embedded secure email server, configuration for alerts are as simple as entering the email addresses and phone numbers. Then simply point-and-click the particular alert conditions and destinations. Alerts can be sent to the end user, service contractor, or both. Critical alerts can be repeated, if desired, until the alert condition has been corrected and the alert reset. There are a total of sixteen (16) different alert conditions available for use. The alerts include filter change reminders and a powerful Inefficient Equipment Run alert, allowing the contractor to know when equipment is not operating properly and to provide proactive service for his customer.

NetworkThermostat also teamed up with the most powerful weather service, Weatherbug®. Weatherbug® is integrated right into the thermostat, allowing users to know the outside temperature (without the need for a sensor), full current weather conditions and seven day forecast, all right from the browser.

In addition, the UP32-WIFI employs NetworkThermostat’s open API, allowing software developers and hardware integrators the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate the thermostat into other systems. Multiple iPhone/iPad and Android based applications from third parties are also in development and will be released soon.

“The UP32-WIFI advantages are an unparalleled level of user accessibility, customization and energy savings”, Drew states. By conquering the inadequacies of standard thermostats, and the complexity of more expensive building automation systems, the UP32-WIFI is positioned to be a mainstay of the HVAC industry.


The product is available through an ever-growing network of online retailers, HVAC distributors and contractors. Detailed information on this product, and NetworkThermostat’s industry leading network solutions can be found on the web at: , , email: sales(at) , telephone: 866-563-0711


NetworkThermostat is proud of the hard work and coordination of its suppliers and partners, all working together to all us to build this product in Texas, USA.

About NetworkThermostat

Since 1995, NetworkThermostat maintains the position of industry leader in providing Network Thermostat Solutions for facilities, small business, commercial or light industrial applications. Known for its ability to provide high quality, easy to use and powerful solutions, NetworkThermostat has been the OEM manufacturer of choice for 17+ years and has provided communicating thermostat solutions for the smallest buildings in the world, telecom cell tower bunkers, to the tallest building in the world, the Burj-Khalifa. The product line offers all the features of programmable thermostats plus the benefits of simple, reliable communications that control HVAC equipment, through a local or remote connection, anywhere, anytime.

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