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What is SPECT? Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) imaging is a sophisticated Nuclear Medicine study. While other "modalities" of Radiology are used to assess anatomical structures, Nuclear Medicine enables physicians to see physiology, or function. Physicians utilize NeuroSPECT or functional brain imaging to assess blood perfusion to the brain.

NeuroSPECT of Florida

NeuroSPECT of Florida is a Diagnostic Imaging Facility that specializes in Brain SPECT imaging. It is our goal to help the physicians who are currently treating you focus their approach to treatment. NeuroSPECT imaging provides valuable information.

Past News Releases


NeuroSPECT of Florida, a new SPECT imaging facility, is now open in Titusville, Florida.

NeuroSPECT of Florida performs SPECT imaging to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of the following conditions:

•Anxiety Disorders
•Anoxic Brain Injury
•Dementia - Alzheimer's Disease
•Disruptive Behavior Disorder
•Neuro-Immune Dysfunction
•Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
•Psychological Disorders
•Toxic Brain Injury
•Traumatic Brain Injury

The results of the NeuroSPECT of Florida exam coupled with a detailed patient history will provide the treating physician with invaluable information, which can be utilized to treat patients with much more specificity.

NeuroSPECT of Florida is an imaging facility that specializes in Brain SPECT imaging. It is our goal to help the physicians who are currently treating you focus their approach to treatment. NeuroSPECT imaging can provide invaluable clinical information that may benefit treatment. A NeuroSPECT scan is a medical procedure that illustrates Regional Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF), or blood flow to the brain. Qualified Nuclear Physicians who have special training in the field of Neuro-Science should only interpret this study. The scan shows areas of hyper and hypo function, areas that are working too hard or areas that aren't working well enough. A 3-D image, or snapshot of a functioning brain at the time of injection, some might say "what a great idea"! We think so too.

We are working with some of the world's top scientists in the field, and we would like to provide this tool for the patient's in need. Many times patients have multiple issues to address, and for this reason they are resistant to treatment. An example of this may be, depression and other behavioral changes after a moderate to severe head injury. It is important that your physician has all pertinent information when it comes to treatment. Especially when it's your treatment, your child's treatment, or your mother and father's treatment.

Along with the report from NeuroSPECT scan, your doctor will confer with a Radiologist to go over scan results and possible treatment recommendations. The patient must have a recommendation from a physician in order to have the procedure, and to facilitate treatment.

Our Facility -

NeuroSPECT of Florida's facility was designed and created with the patient's comfort and confidence in mind. The atmosphere is that of a comfortable and neatly organized home. Our goal is to take the "medical facility" stigma out of the equation, and make the procedure as stress free as possible.

Resources --- Scholastic articles on SPECT:

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Dr. Michael Uzler

We have access to a large amount of research material.

Please feel free to contact us with requests for specific uses of NeuroSPECT imaging.
NeuroSPECT of Florida
109 South Park Ave.
Titusville, FL 32796

(321) 264-2015
(321) 266-1881

"The brain is a tissue. It is a complicated, intricately woven tissue, like nothing else we know of in the universe, but it is composed of cells, as any tissue is. They are, to be sure, highly specialized cells, but they function according to the laws that govern any other cells. Their electrical and chemical signals can be detected, recorded and interpreted and their chemicals can be identified; the connections that constitute the brain's woven feltwork can be mapped. In short, the brain can be studied, just as the kidney can. " David H. Hubel - (1981 Nobel Prize Winner)

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