Recent Acupuncture for Infertility Study Supports Effectiveness of Fairhaven Health’s Fertility Acupressure and Yoga DVDs

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A new study indicates that acupuncture is more successful than Clomid in treating infertility, which affects nearly one in six trying-to-conceive couples. Fairhaven Health’s Acupressure for Fertility DVD and Bend, Breathe & Conceive Fertility Yoga DVD were designed specifically for trying-to-conceive women to help decrease stress, improve blood flow to reproductive organs, and encourage overall reproductive health.

Fairhaven Health's fertility acupressure and yoga dvds were designed specifically for trying-to-conceive women to help decrease stress, improve blood flow, and maintain balance.

Women struggling to conceive are often prescribed clomiphene citrate (commonly known as Clomid), one of the most popular fertility prescription drugs on the market. Like many prescription drugs, Clomid usage may come with a lengthy list of side effects including ovarian hyperstimulation, irritability, abdominal pain, and headaches, among others. Natural treatment options for infertility (with no accompanying side effects) are often overlooked by clinical practitioners, but recent research indicates that acupuncture may actually be more effective than Clomid at treating infertility.

In the study, researchers administered electroacupunture or Clomid to 65 women experiencing ovulatory issues. After the treatment period, 76.3 percent of women who received acupuncture saw ovulation restored, while only 48.1 percent of women who took Clomid experienced a regular ovulation cycle.

Acupuncture and acupressure, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and validated by many studies, helps improve blood flow to targeted areas and fosters the body’s vital life force (also known as “chi”). Fairhaven Health’s Acupressure for Fertility DVD was developed specifically for trying-to-conceive women by acupuncturist and certified yoga and acupressure instructor, Shasta Tierra.

Both acupuncture and acupressure rely on the manipulation pressure points on the body that are associated with specific systems and organs. For example, applying pressure to certain areas of the abdomen can help regulate women’s menses by improving blood flow to her reproductive organs. Tierra created the Acupressure for Fertility sequence to help restore hormonal balance, decrease stress in the body, improve success rates of IVF procedures, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, and diminish the potential negative side effects of fertility/IVF medications.

Tierra designed the fertility acupressure sequence based on more than 20 years of clinical experience as an acupuncturist and acupressure instructor. Her passion for natural medicine originated in her father’s Chinese medicine clinic, where she cultivated a deep appreciation for the incredible power of ancient health principles that can enhance health and wellbeing. Tierra is a licensed acupuncturist in San Jose, California where she works as the clinical director of Way of Wellness, a center for acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and yoga.

Acupressure and yoga often support one another in reducing tension and increasing positive energy. Yoga poses can help alleviate certain conditions in a similar manner, creating pressure on key trigger points. In fact, one clinical study showed that just 10 weeks of yoga helped improve overall fertility fitness and increase conception rates among women in the experimental yoga group. Fairhaven Health’s Bend, Breathe & Conceive Fertility Yoga DVD, created by neurophysiologist and yoga instructor Anna Davis, is a yoga practice created specifically to help couples conceive. Davis moves through a series of physical poses, yogic breathing techniques, visualizations, and meditation practices designed to integrate the mind, body, and spirit to cultivate balance.

This fertility yoga sequence is designed to:

  •     Help relieve stress with proven relaxation techniques that restore mental and physical balance, and actually increase conception rates
  •     Build strength, increase flexibility and shift the body’s physiology away from stress towards relaxation to help couples conceive

Dr. Davis is a neurophysiologist, a science educator and a certified yoga instructor. She has practiced yoga for more than 25 years, and has received her teacher training with master teachers Andrey Lappa and Baron Baptiste.

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