Production Fastening Systems Now Offers the ESLP Type E & I Hanger

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Production Fastening Systems (PFS) continues to expand on their cable hanging and tube support options with the new ESLP Type Cable Hanger which combines aspects of the current ESL (electrical cable hanger) and SLP (pneumatic tube support).

The ESLP from Production Fastening Systems (PFS) combines the vertical slots of the ESL and the horizontal slots of the SLP to offer a versatile multi-use hanger. ESLP arrives as a reliable option for offshore and steel fabrication projects.

The ESLP allows ease of installation which fastens to the 3/8 – 16 weld stud, the 3/8 – 16 Hilti X-BT stud, or any fastener that will accept the female tapped 3/8 – 16 diameter ferrule located at the center of the support. Turn radius for the ESLP is identical to the ESL and SLP type. The ESLP is available in 2": (ESLP-2), 3": (ESLP-3) and 4": (ESLP-4) lengths.

  •     ESLP-2 consists of one vertical slot with 2" of work space for electrical cable and two horizontal slots offering 1.62" from end to end work space for tubing.
  •     ESLP-3 consists of two vertical slot with 3" of work space for electrical cable and two horizontal slots offering 2.62" from end to end work space for tubing.
  •     ESLP-4 consists of three vertical slot with 4" of work space for electrical cable and two horizontal slots offering 3.62" from end to end work space for tubing.

The ESL aspects of the ESLP support a wide range of cables of varying diameters. The practical design allows for adjusting individual cables as needed without disturbing existing cables and offering an organized cable/ tube installation. Just as the ESL and SLP, ESLP is manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel, or plated steel. PFS cable hangers can be installed on most structural members for efficient support.

To add to its adaptability, the ESLP E & I Hangers are available with M-10 tapped metric studs in addition to other stud types.

In shipbuilding, offshore platform, and steel fabrication projects, maintaining pneumatic tubing is essential to the work at hand. The ESLP offers corrosion-resistant stud mount technology to ensure that your tubing systems are protected at all times. The ESLP, when used for pneumatic tubing, can support tube sizes 1/4 in. through 1 in. diameters. In this scenario, the ESLP’s are used with the standard line clamps, resulting in a durable, convenient tube support method.

The versatility of the ESLP is what makes a great alternative to the ESL and SLP. Just as the SLP can be used in conjunction with the PFS T-SEP Assembly (Tube Separation Assembly), the ESLP can do the same, but can also accommodate electrical cable.

About Production Fastening Systems

Founded in 1987, Production Fastening Systems LLC (PFS) is a well-established stud welding distributor that has now been serving the offshore, shipbuilding, and steel fabrication industries from their home offices in New Orleans for more than 25 years.

In addition to the top-of-the-line stud welding equipment and materials they distribute—arc stud and capacitor discharge stud welders, tube separation assemblies, weld studs, cable hangers, and more—PFS is a leader in new technologies within our industry. Over the years, PFS has introduced a number of revolutionary new products: Pneumatic Tube Supports (PFS SLP-type), Pneumatic Channel Brackets (PTCB), Grating Fasteners, and the PFS Slotted Cable Hanger - their best-selling product which has enjoyed a “zero rejection" reputation since 1991. Today, these metal fastening products are specified and used by the offshore fabrication industries, shipbuilding industries, and steel fabrication industries all over the world.

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