New Car Owners Are Very Happy With Their New Cars Announces The Internet's Largest Website of Cars and Trucks For Sale by Owners

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New car owners are very happy with their new cars announces the Internets largest website of cars and trucks for sale by private owner. Customer satisfaction at very high levels.

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New Car Owners

New car owners are very happy with their cars, automotive industry officials announced today. The high standard of initial quality manufacturing is the reason. Citing a JD Powers Initial Quality Study, officials pointed to the occurrence of problems in the in-vehicle technology, not in initial quality areas. Sound system problems and GPS technology problems have come to the fore, while initial quality problems have receded compared to previous studies. That makes new car owners very happy.

What makes the new car owners very happy with their cars is evident in the studies. New car owners are happy because of the quality of design and assembly. In the JD Powers Top Quality Car studies, some makes and models of American cars had improved dramatically. Some American cars now lead in the initial quality categories, making some American cars the most desirable products on the market. That makes new car owners very happy.

Initial quality encompasses the nuts and bolts issues in design and assembly, the major parts that hold a car together. A well designed car makes new car owners very happy. If the design is poor and the nuts and bolts are loose on a car, the initial quality rating is poor. Overall, the owners of such cars are unhappy.

As the in-vehicle technology becomes more complicated, the number of problems associated with it grows, industry officials said. Ownership experience is a strong marketing device, and the complaints increase as expectations increase. In-vehicle technology includes audio, video and GPS devices. Industry sources say that much of this technology is rushed into the production process.

"Until recently, this type of technology was found primarily on high-end models," said David Sargent, Vice President of Global Automotive at JD Powers and Associates. "Over the past few years, it has found its way rapidly into the automotive mainstream."

American cars have moved ahead of the competition in Initial Quality studies because the gains made by some American automakers has stayed marginally ahead of other manufacturers' gains. That makes new car owners very happy. By focusing on quality, American automakers have eliminated the complaints about design problems or poor assembly. Initial quality studies show that what makes new car owners very happy can also predict how long an owner will stay with a particular make and model. What makes new car owners very happy is good initial quality. A problem with in-vehicle technology will not result in a car breakdown or expensive repairs.

Smart phone technology is now being installed in new vehicles. What owners expect from new cars and what they receive from the in-vehicle technology isn't always the same. "Automakers and auto parts suppliers are working hard to meet those expectations with systems intended to make the driving experience safer, more convenient and more entertaining," Sargent said. What makes new car owners very happy is the experience of the new technology.

The Initial Quality Study measures driver satisfaction after 90 days of new car ownership. Initial quality makes new car owners very happy. The basic systems work well and they're above question. Glitches with the GPS or the audio system don't bother new car owners as much, compared with the unhappiness caused by initial quality failures. Some American cars are built better today. That makes new car owners very happy.

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