San Antonio Chiropractor's New Website Aids Practice

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San Antonio Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Wellness has redesigned its chiropractic website to incorporate a wider range of services including information about spinal decompression, massage therapy, and nutrition. Patients will also find answers to their questions between visits and easy to use appointment request features.

San Antonio Chiropractor, Dr. Don Phillips

Dr. Philips Chiropractic has long offered a wide range of services to its clients. Continuing in that tradition, Dr. Philips Chiropractic is pleased to announce the remodeling of his website at The website offers increased convenience and resources to patients and will expand opportunities for learning about nutrition, health, and overall wellness. The new blog keeps patients up to date on the latest in the world of chiropractic. Patients can request appointments through the website, making it more convenient than ever to pursue and maintain good health. Dr. Phillips Chiropractic offers patients the most updated methods of healing and wellness in massage therapy, chiropractic techniques, and nutrition.

Dr. Phillips believes in a whole body approach to wellness and would like for the new website to be a valuable resource for clients who want to improve every aspect of their health and happiness: "I want my website to be resource for my patients between their visits to my San Antonio chiropractic office. My new chiropractic blog will provide great information on current health topics and there are even video exercises that patients can do at home," says Dr. Phillips.

The website now highlights a few of the services that are offered at Dr. Phillips' San Antonio Chiropractic, Nutrition, & Wellness. One of those services is massage therapy, which is often used as part of a comprehensive chiropractic plan for pain management. The massage therapists at Dr. Phillips Chiropractic, Nutrition, & Wellness can help with sore muscles, body tension, back pain, headaches, and shoulder or neck pain. The new massage therapy page explains that regular massage therapy is a way to treat, as well as prevent, pain especially when done in conjunction with other natural treatment methods.

Treatment using spinal decompression is an area of expertise for Dr. Phillips that is also showcased on the website. Patients who experience headaches coupled with back or neck pain are often helped dramatically by spinal decompression, which is a type of treatment that will have you gently recline on a special table as your neck is gently pulled so that your vertebrae can be properly realigned. This treatment takes the pressure off of the nerve (the cause of the pain), allowing for pain relief and a much-improved sense of well being.

Dr. Phillips is an expert in nutrition, as well as a chiropractor. As a highly trained Nutritionist, Dr. Phillips is able to incorporate proper eating habits into the treatment plans of his patients. This ensures that the optimum results can be reached. No matter how long poor eating habits have been employed, health can and will take a dramatic turn for the better when proper nutrition is coupled with other health and wellness techniques.

This revamped website is sure to act as a great resource for many in the San Antonio area who are either looking for a chiropractor or who are currently benefiting from Dr. Phillips services.


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