NewHire Launches Website for Employment Candidate Screening Software

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NewHire proprietary, candidate screening software expedites the resume screening process, reduces costs and promotes cultural diversity.

“As underemployment increases, corporate executives are being swamped with hundreds of resumes for each job opening. We created the NewHire™ software as an online, easy to complete one-page employment application, and speedy screening solution."

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New Office Temps, Ltd has launched a new website to demonstrate its proprietary, candidate screening software NewHire™. The NewHire™ program allows hiring managers to rapidly screen candidates on specific skills, years of experience, job or industry specific knowledge, while promoting cultural diversity in the hiring process.

Chuck Smith, president of New Office Temps, Ltd. stated, “As underemployment increases, corporate executives are being swamped with hundreds of resumes for each job opening. We created the NewHire™ software as an online, easy to complete one-page employment application, and speedy screening solution. The application asks for standard contact information, then becomes very specific in the information requested of the applicant that the company can use to quickly screen candidates.

“The questions, specific as to years of experience, duties and responsibilities and skills, along with short essay questions can test knowledge and expertise, are tailored by the hiring manager for each position. They are designed to screen strictly on skills required for a specific job opening. Because hiring managers screen on skills and experience first, all the applicants who meet the criteria tend to get a more thorough evaluation, regardless of their ethnic background thus promoting cultural diversity and compliance with EEO Laws.”

The Associated Press reported “…there were 6.1 unemployed workers in December, on average, for every available position, according to Labor Department...” The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Hotel Palomar received 1,300 resumes for just 100 job openings.

The regional director for Human Resources, told the Chicago Sun-Times, “There was no way I could have gone through all of them.”

The NewHire™ Candidate Management Solution dramatically reduces the screening process time and expense. Based on New Office data, roughly 75% to 85% of all applicants are unqualified. The New York Times reported that one job opening for a $13 per hour job produced 500 applications.

Leora Baumgarten, vice president of New Office Temps, Ltd., commented, “If you get 300 resumes and spend five minutes reviewing each one it would take you 25 hours just to look at all the resumes. How carefully would you be looking at each one during those 5 minutes? And how would the first one compare to the 300th? And it is only going to get worse.”

On January 8, 2010, The Wall Street Journal reported that “…the government’s broader measure of unemployment ticked up 0.1 percentage point to 17.3%.”

“The NewHire™ system allows you to generate a report showing only the candidates who most closely match your job’s criteria. Through the NewHire™ system screening process, you could quickly find the 15 to 20 percent that fit the job requirements. The time and expense to screen and interview the most qualified candidates could be reduced by 80 percent,” added Baumgarten.

The NewHire™ solution provides powerful tracking and internal communications tools. Using NewHire, a company’s recruitment staff can track each candidate’s status, how they’ve been contacted, and share unlimited information and comments regarding each employment candidate. Each candidate record has its own tracking section. Anything either your staff or the candidates have entered is saved and searchable for immediate use, or future job openings.

NewHire™ offers customers special advertising programs for job board packages. By aggregating and coordinating employment opportunity advertising on CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, Craig’s List and Dice, among others, NewHire™ can direct candidates from all advertising sources to NewHire’s online candidate screening solution. The NewHire™ team, who are social media, job search experts can guide clients through the process of posting employment opportunities on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The NewHire™ Advantage is their licensing option for the NewHire Candidate Management Software enabling clients to create any number of new jobs, user seats and NewHire pre-employment applications at a major discount. NewHire Advantage was created for companies looking to improve productivity by providing their hiring teams with the best screening and tracking tools in the industry. This also serves as a great program for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, who wish to add to the benefits offered to portfolio companies.

NewHire™ software also manages all candidate information for EEO compliance tracking and reporting. Companies will never need to data-enter another EEO form. The compliance information can easily be downloaded into an MS Excel spreadsheet.

Brad Spirrison, in his Chicago Sun-Times column, commented on the licensing of NewHire™ software, “Smith and Baumgarten began licensing their software application to third-party clients in 2005. Today, companies in 35 states pay NewHire fixed and monthly licensing fees for services that include online applications and questionnaires, keyword-based search tools and background checks.”

“In today’s global economy, it is as important to build an inclusive, culturally diverse workforce as it is to comply with EEO regulations. According to Andrés Tapia, in his book The Inclusion Paradox: The Obama Era and the Transformation of Global Diversity, by 2012 nearly 70% of the workforce in the United States will be women and minorities,” concluded Smith.

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