Backyard Sports Hero & Front Page Athletes NextMVP Company today announced the global launch of's "Fans-to-Friends"

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Many NextMVP users are everyday backyard sports heroes with stories to tell, and photos & videos to back their stories up!

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The kicker is you don’t have to be a professional athlete at all!

The official launch of the sports website, NextMVP this weekend is the "change" in sports publicity and interactivity that fans and sports enthusiasts have been waiting for - and helped to create.

NextMVP is a global directory of sports enthusiasts. It’s a place for private sports fans and athletes to create public identities. Faced with intense competition from the likes of Facebook, YouTube and ESPN, the developers of are innovating, developing and releasing products rapidly.

Taking sports lovers from being "fans to friends" was the goal when the new CEO, Marsha Powell, designed this next-generation online sports network that fuses video, information, social interaction, and compelling entertainment. Interactive, informative, entertaining, up-close and real – that's what users asked for and NextMVP delivered it.

On the site, fans can converse and connect with others who share their passion around topics of interest, teams, coaching strategies or certain athletes. Selectively, users are crowned “The Next Most Valuable Player” by their geographic location or by their sport. The kicker is you don’t have to be a professional athlete at all. Many NextMVP users are everyday backyard sports heroes with stories to tell, and photos and videos to back their stories up!

The site is free, clean, easy to sign-on, and allows for immediate sharing of experiences, commentary and announcements. So the development site percolated along for about a year, and then it took hold. Over the last few months, its users have been growing vertically, while its platform has been expanding horizontally.

As you comb through the site, it’s clear that NextMVP has made a strategic decision not to bombard its users with brand advertising all over its web pages. Instead, as some other social sites have discovered, they pepper the individual pages with subtle brand advertisement and give users the option of when or even if certain advertisement is displayed at all.

Their copout strategy would be to have flashing brands advertising all over the top and sides of each web page. That strategy would definitely lead to a quicker revenue stream, but it would undermine the company principles they have touted to their users. Their COO, Mr. Steward had much to say about their strategy.

"Our goal at NextMVP is to produce original, high quality content, creating incredible online engaging experiences for our users. We are so excited to bring NextMVP to athletes, fans, coaches, families and teams." said John Steward, COO. “NextMVP allows users to narrow the distance that exists between sports fans, athletes and other sports enthusiasts and is a first-of-its-kind experience that allows users to interact directly with their favorite sports interests."
There's an expanded user development platform, interactive gaming with chosen draft picks and more language translation coming. And there a lot of different applications that are going to be developed to allow sports minded people to get informed and to share information about their personal sports activities and accomplishments in mobile ways.

While NextMVP delivers users a high degree of interactivity and visibility, users remain in full control of their publishing activity. They may choose to “always share activity,” “never share it” or “be selective,” in what is shared. Each user can select which privacy option best suits their individual needs. Users can share video, photos, commentary and updates to any one of their friends, but friends can also be defined further in to “buddies, teammates, associates” et cetera, so that users can choose who to share with rather than publicizing everything to everyone.

What’s the future of NextMVP? More growth into global channels, more development of platforms, gaming and mobile applications, and more organization of the sports knowledge they collect. NextMVP plans to enter into more businesses than most people recognize. It won't be successful in all of them but its influence, resources and innovation are creatively disruptive.

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About NextMVP

NextMVP Corporation operates a global online directory of sports enthusiasts. The company, through its proprietary platform, allows members to create, manage, and share their identity online, build and engage with their friends, access shared sports knowledge and insights, and find business opportunities. Its platform also provides members with applications and tools to search, connect, and communicate with fans, athletes, businesses, learn about global opportunities, join industry groups, follow organizations, and share information. NextMVP Corporation was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.


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