Career Reinvention Specialist, Nic Lucas, Releases Report to Enhance Working Lives of Academics and Professionals

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After successfully reinventing his own career on numerous occasions, Nic Lucas has recently released the first report in the ‘Reinvention Blueprint’ series, to empower academics and professionals to achieve their goals and gain more from their working lives.

Nic Lucas, Career Reinvention Specialist

This report is designed to lead readers through the process of career change, and more importantly, how to find the enthusiasm and motivation to actually make the necessary changes.

Successful health professional, entrepreneur, international speaker and career reinvention specialist, Nic Lucas, has released the first of a series of reports entitled “What is your Functional Rhythm? A 3 Step System to Start Reinventing Yourself”, which is aimed at experienced professionals who have reached a certain level of mastery in their current career but are left feeling not wholly satisfied. The report delves into the many reasons why people can feel unbalanced in their life, lists a range of probing questions that will help readers to better understand themselves, and then demonstrates how they can take their career in a new, and often unexpected direction.

Mr Lucas is seeking to teach readers how to leverage their existing expertise into non-traditional career paths, whether that’s entrepreneurial activities, private consulting, speaking engagements, publishing their own book or otherwise – something he has gained a raft of experience in throughout his working life.

As Mr Lucas explains, “What I’ve written about in this report is what I’ve done successfully multiple times. I transitioned from scientist, to health professional, to lecturer, to publisher, to editor, set up a digital agency, developed an international speaking career, became an author, set up a coaching business and began running workshops.”

“Even writing the ‘Reinvention Blueprint’ series is another career reinvention! People have sought me out and asked me to help them do what I’ve done, and I’ve really enjoyed helping them and watching them succeed. So, this is yet another way for me to take my existing skills and apply them in a different way – something anyone can do.”

It’s not uncommon for many people who have worked in a professional career for a number of years, to want more from their working life. An estimated 56 – 64% of employed people are currently searching for another job, and on the professional level, the burn out rate is high, with many professionals facing dissatisfaction, exhaustion and an indifferent attitude toward their job.

“One of the main reasons I’ve written this report is because all too often, I’ve seen what happens when people do not take action on their goals and ambitions, ” states Mr Lucas.

“Many professionals have the skills and money they need but have lost their passion or they’re just bored. They don’t want to just put in an application to climb to the next rung of the ladder if it means they are still left doing what they’ve been doing, and not really enjoying.”

“What is your Functional Rhythm?” is designed to lead readers through the process of career change, and more importantly, how to find the enthusiasm and motivation to actually make the necessary changes. It also includes a range of real-life scenarios that explain how the author himself has progressed along the many variations in his own career path.

“In my view, too many people aren’t doing anything to progress or change their career situation. They either don’t know what to do, have a lack direction or are prepared to settle for work that isn’t inspiring or challenging. For others, they know what they want to do, yet for some reason, aren’t pursuing it”, says Mr Lucas.

“To me, there’s just something strange about this. What happens to the children who are full of dreams and potential and end up as adults, spending the majority of their life, full of dreams and potential‚ but without pursuing those dreams or realizing that potential?”

“What is your Functional Rhythm? A 3 Step System to Start Reinventing Yourself”, is the first report in the ‘Reinvention Blueprint’ series and is available online now to assist professionals and academics to reinvigorate and expand their career in a direction that they might not have considered before.

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About Nic Lucas

Over the years, Nic Lucas has become a specialist at reinventing his own career. After spending time in the finance industry, retail industry, and music industry as a young adult, he returned to school and then university to become a scientist. Nic then trained as an Osteopath, ran his own practices over 10 years, became a lecturer, and then undertook a PhD in medical diagnosis.

Nic has also started his own publishing company, become the editor of a scientific journal and began a successful international speaking career. He has started an education company, a digital marketing consulting company, developed his own online software platforms, written a number of books and most recently started a coaching business to help professionals implement the strategies that he himself has used to help them emulate his own success.

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